Democracy Day: Nigeria Not Well Governed

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It is exactly three (3) years today that Nigerians were deceived by the incumbent government of President Muhammadu Buhari and his change agents.
Haven heard of the change slogan, Nigerians became subservient towards believing that the saviours, who will take them to the promise land have come, but today, reverse is the case.
President Buhari and his agents have successfully sent the young democracy into extinction.
What we have today is a reincarnation of Abachas in government, from the federal down to the local government level.
Today, we have been subjected to abject poverty, we have been massively deprived of our human rights, they will tell you that your freedom after speech is not guaranteed.
To pay worker’s their entitlements has been a war, civil servants across states have to engage themselves in a petty farming work in other to feed their children.
The number of unemployed youths keep escalating every blessed year, this is not the change we want, this is not the change APC promise us during the 2015 general elections.
It behoves our leaders to make sure that the people are well represented in all spheres of governance.
There is still time for the incumbent government to sway back to their promises and make sure Nigerians are well governed.
Happy Democracy Day.
– Temibi Samuel.

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