COVID-19, Kabba-Bunu Lockdown and Kogi Govt; In Case of ‘Incasity’

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I need no Chief Erelu Ronke Bello Ph.D to remind me there is no word as ‘incasity’ in the English vocabulary and lexicon. I have seen a justification for the use of the Nigerian English phrase of ‘in case of incasity’ in Kabba-Bunu local government in the decision of the government to completely lockdown the local government. Painful as it is, it is expedient should in case of incasity!

From the press statement coming from Kogi State vibrant Commissioner for Information and Communication, Hon Kingsley Femi Fanwo and some information already in the public domain on social media, it is apparent the lockdown order was not given because Kogi State government was convinced there really was an index case in Kabba.

Too many lines are not adding in the NCDC claim and narrative. The NCDC insistence that Kogi can not be free before now appear to rubbish any position of that body on Kogi. Like the body desperately want Kogi on their medal table and log to claim vindication.

No government institution has been doubted and condemned in Nigeria of recent the way of NCDC. Trust Nigerians, they dubbed the body National COVID-19 Distribution Company to show their distrust in the body. We won’t blame the people much, we have seen justification for this reasoning in the way the body has handled cases and suspected cases in Benue, Offa, Kano, Abba Kyari and burial, Zamfara etc and now Kogi.

First, it was their ‘Ben Johnson’ move when the governor asked them to follow their own procedure before ‘dropping’ their professional assistance in the state. Since then, it has been a war of words from the NCDC and reaction from the state government.

I want to commend His Excellency, Yahaya Bello for not taking chances using the just in case of ‘incasity’ theory in locking down Kabba-Bunu. It is true that we can not trust the NCDC on this especially now that opposition figures now turn themselves to medical experts pontificating on what they had little or no information about to score political cheap points.

I salute the government for shifting ground in the interest of public good. This is precautionary and proactive. It is leadership yet again. History shall be kind to him for choosing this path above ‘marketing’ this Nigerian brand of a Chinese virus.

We are in this together irrespective of tribe, class or creed. This should guide our conduct, action and judgement on the issue at hand. If heaven should fall, no one is safe. May humanity win!

– Oluwi Sesan writes from Mopamuro.

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