Confab: Propose Okun State and My Earlier Prediction – Yusuf Adeyanju Yisau

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Delegates at the ongoing national conference has poured acid in mind of average Okun Yoruba speaking people of Kogi State as they
announced, recommended and/or approved the list of new states to be created and they’re as follows viz Apa from Benue State, Kainji from Niger, Katagum from Bauchi, Savannah from Borno, Amana from Adamawa, Gurara from Kaduna, Ghari from Kano, Etiti from South East, Aba from Abia, Adada from Enugu, Njaba from Anambra and Imo, Anioma from Delta State, Ogoja from Cross River State, IJebu from Ogun State and New Oyo State from the present Oyo State.

The creation of Okun State is paramount and/or important at this moment to Okun nation and its citizenry because of the great
challenges that confront the said nation in present Kogi state in area of economic, cultural, socio-political development.

Okun nation with Kabba as its capital deserve state of her own because the present Okun nation is the then old Kabba Province and as at today, other provinces viz Sokoto, Ogoja, Gongola, Bendel etc have produce two / three states so why would Kabba Province be an exceptional?

I said it earlier in an exclusive interview with Kogi Reports on the 1st day of March, 2014 that Okun people are not prepared for the said conference and that the outcome might not be in her favour but majority condemned my view.

I think is high time Okun people should wake up for her slumber and face the reality now or never.

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