Collaboration Between Gov. Bello and Barr. Natasha: A Right Step at the Right Time

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For an umpteenth time, we have followed with kin interest the efforts of Barrister Natasha Hadiza Akpoti on the resuscitation of Ajaokuta and the need to collaborate with government at state and federal level to save the moribund steel company. Sequel to this selfless efforts, Movement for Effective Representation and Implementation Trend (MERIT) consider her step to collaborate with Governor Yahaya Bello as what is needed presently to achieve the age-long dream of making Ajaokuta Steel Company Limited (ASCL) works. It wouldn’t have come at a time better than this. We commend both leaders for this bold step.
There is no doubt that it would be difficult to achieve people-oriented project in a society where its leaders are divided against themselves without minding how precious time is to the collective wish of the people.
We see activism as a disruptive tool often used to keep the government on it’s toes while making sure that a transparent and all-inclusive system is built for the people. No gain say that Barr. Natasha Akpoti has achieved a lot for the people going by this definition and the on-going efforts of the House of Representatives to draft the right policies that will guide the steel sector and create possible funds for Ajaokuta steel revival. By this development, a collaboration of all parties and stakeholders should outrightly be the next step in which the executives at the state and federal level are key.
It is against this backdrop, MERIT has seen the resolve of governor Yahaya Bello and Barrister Natasha Hadiza Akpoti to collaborate in the struggle for the resuscitation of one of the Africa’s biggest steel companies (Ajaokuta) as the right step taken at the time it is needed most.
We are not only happy because they will merge their strengths for a unified purpose for the sake of the masses but we as well commending the duo for setting a new record in Ebiraland, Kogi State and defied the old belief that once Ebira people disagree on any matter they will never resolve to sheath their swords.
This honourable step taken by governor Yahaya Bello and Barrister Natasha Hadiza Akpoti to bury their prides for the sake of the people is what MERIT has seen as an act worth celebrating and appreciating.
As an elites’ group whose pledged mantra is hinged on good governance, implementation of people oriented project and whatnot, we beleive there is no way this can be achieved if the leaders and members of the society continue to throw nuts at one another out of separate trees and sabotaging one another’s efforts.
We are not oblivious of the fact that some members of the society may not see the need to come together as one, have a unified purpose and fight for our common goal, and as such translate the collaboration to mean selfish move, but we are cocksure that Natasha Akpoti from her impeccable character and good track record, cannot trade her long painstaking efforts for crumbs, neither can the governor stoop so low to thwart the will of the people.
It is our resolve that this collaboration will not only bring life to Ajaokuta steel but also help in redeeming the battered image of the state and correct some mistakes made in the past.
While hoping for the best outcome from the new development, we urge all our members and the general public to remain steadfast to the course of Ajaokuta Steel revival and continue to pray, support and guide the leaders with honest advices and suggestions that will lead to a healthy and speedy progress.
Together we can!
Comrade Hamza Lamisi
Grand Coordinator through the Director of Media.

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