Celebrating Odoh Prince Ugbede at 35

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Happy 35th Birthday. It is finally your birthday today and I hope you enjoy it wholeheartedly! 

I join well-wishers all over the world to wish a distinguished, accomplished, philanthropist, thoughtful, dedicated, driven, incredibly decent, extremely generous, remarkably considerate, amazing human being, extremely kind, caring and revered Odoh Prince Ugbede a Happy Birthday. 

As you celebrate this milestone, my prayer is that Almighty God will grant you a longer life, good health and more wisdom to serve humanity. 

“When a man’s ways please the Lord, He makes even his enemies be at peace with him.”
— Proverbs 16:7

May your steps be directed in the path of truth and may your ways ever be guided by divine counsel. 

Everything about you will manifest the glory of God and work in your favour, you shall prosper in your way and rise higher than the expectations of men. 

You will not be restrained by circumstances and your dream for Kogi State will not be defeated. 

You will not lose your position and your joy will not turn to sorrow. You will dig and find running water. Your fear shall turn to joy and your testimony will be great.

Progress and successes shall continually make way through for you. Every satanic intention that wants to mock you shall be disgraced. Your dreams of the greatness of Kogi state will not die; may heaven help you fulfil them. 

May God accelerate your promotion now, take you not just to the very top but sustain you there, and let you forever operate under His divine favour. 

Happy 35th birthday, I wish you longevity — all-around comfort, perfect peaceful living that surpasses all human understandings, prosperity of all kinds with sound health plus a sound mind to enjoy all these blessings to the brim.

– Muhammad Ahmad wrote from Kogi state.

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