Celebrating Odoh Prince Ugbede at 36

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It is your 36th birthday, and we extend our heartfelt wishes to you on this special occasion.

Joining well-wishers from around the world, we want to wish Odoh Prince Ugbede a happy birthday. He is not only distinguished and accomplished but also a philanthropist, deeply thoughtful, dedicated, driven, incredibly decent, remarkably generous, and remarkably considerate—an amazing human being. His kindness and care for others are truly revered.

As you celebrate this significant milestone, our prayer is that the Almighty grants you a long life, robust health, and even greater wisdom to continue serving humanity.

Proverbs 16:7 tells us that when a person’s ways please the Lord, even their enemies are at peace with them. May your steps be guided by divine counsel, and may the path you walk always be one of truth.

Everything about you will radiate the glory of God and work in your favor. You will prosper beyond the expectations of others, unburdened by circumstances. Your vision for the betterment of Kogi State will remain unshaken.

You will not lose your position, and joy will always be your companion. You will find abundance in unexpected places, and your fears will transform into joy, leading to great testimonies.

Progress and success will continually pave the way for you. Any malevolent intentions seeking to hinder you will be thwarted. Your dreams for the greatness of Kogi State will persist, with heaven’s support to fulfill them.

May God accelerate your promotion, elevate you to the highest heights, and always keep you under His divine favor.

On this 36th birthday, we wish you a life filled with longevity, all-encompassing comfort, profound peace surpassing human understanding, and prosperity in all forms, along with sound health and a clear mind to savor these blessings to the fullest. Happy 36th birthday

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