Beyond 2023 Gubernatorial Election in Kogi State

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The period of electioneering should not be the only time we appreciate our interconnectedness, or seek for collaboration. Nonetheless, working in view of social coherence, equity and sustainable developmental is a priceless honour to Kogi State within the comity of States in Nigeria. Every Senatorial District, Tribe, and People do have diverse concerns, interests and rights, but with bold political-will, a safe future is still possible.

Amidst global call for authentic leaders and good governance, or better still , healthy development policies, the fact about the challenges over the years are clear, but with political-will lacking in some sections.

The new set of leaders would need sufficient moral clarity, speed for execution of ideas and intelligence in solving our old age to modern day problems. In fact, no leader is an island, but such should be able to work together with a network of resourceful Individuals, Groups, Organizations and Governments . The pursuit of Kogi State’s interest and development should not undermine the unity and peace that is needed above any emotive relationship.

No one should allow any move that could threaten our collective determination to confront impending challenges and potential to grow together as a State with giant strides. The Gubernatorial Election will come and go, but Kogi State will remain. Therefore, we have a duty to relate with positivity, objectivity and people-centered ideas that those alive today and those yet unborn will appreciate the social contract.

This intergenerational solidarity is a vital strand that will keep Kogi State running and strengthened to reach higher pedestals. It might not be a easy venture, but through trust, inclusiveness and collaboration, it is possible and worth it to help ourselves to grow stronger together. To make hard, practical choices, backed with commitment that will make Kogi State a toast among the Thirty-Six (36) States in Nigeria.

God Bless Kogi State!

– IK Obajemu

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