Averting The Malthusian Prophecy

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When it is said that Nigeria lives on the edge, it is not out of spite rather, it is a solemn call towards Nigerians to rise up to the task that lies ahead; the building of a good people andthe making of  a great nation. In my last column, I told us about the parameters that made the Malthusian prophecy a reality especially in Nigeria. While most of my exposition pointed accusing fingers to acts such as tribalism, political gimmicks, neglect of agriculture, banditry, terrorism, negative global interference and other salient factors. I consider it a wasteful sermon if the way out of this quagmire is not related to the public. After all, an honest cloth seller is duty bound to tell his or her customer the purpose of each fabric.

Eradication of Banditry/ Terrorism: For all that is worth, there is only a thin line existing between been a terror and been a protector. That thin line makes the difference. According to a report by Samaila Suleiman dated on the 13th of June 2019, he affirmed that ‘the northeast is gradually becoming another major regional theatre of violence’. To the disdain of many, these element have continued to spread their reach across the length and breadth of the nation. What this simply implies is that bandits as well as terrorist have continue to take over lands meant for farming and animal rearing. As a result, there is scarcity of food, hyperinflation on food produce and raw materials. The danger inherent in this is that food availability is getting smaller compare to the population of Nigeria which is approximated to be two hundred and six million.

A big come back to Agriculture: In the European nations, agriculture takes the center stage. Regardless of industrialization, the government as well as individual are encouraged to farm. Onecertain time, I watched an ad on YouTube where a farmer planted ahandful of  grains- after some months, he was to able to make a very huge harvest. When economist discuss the key component that soars a country’s national income, I know for certain that agricultural activities is the biggest multiplier that there is. If attention is channeled towards the agricultural sector, then the Malthusian prophecy can as well become a forgotten tale.

Avoidance of political gimmicks: In Nigeria, everything that refuses to work is with all joy tied to the government. Well, there seems to be an iota of fact to this claim but not in its entirety. Take for instance the issue of cult activities on campus. Rich students as well as poor ones take part in it. So, participation in cultism is not related to lacking a silver spoon or having an excess of it. If the chronicle of the Nigerian government is made naked, I have no doubt that majority of our politicians must have sown bad seeds. Take for instance the palliatives warehouse saga across the country. Those were food items meant for the public but in the usual attitude of ‘Nigerianess’, they were hoarded.

Despite the evidence available, the government still played it off by blaming the populace and even went as far as making arrest. For the politicians involve, it was more of a family affair settled amicably but to those on the outside, it was a war against the ruling party versus the ruled party. Needless to say, it is time to throw away the rags of old fashioned politics and put on the neatly patterned garment of inclusive government.

Preparation against ensuing global dynamics: Right from the inception of the twenty first century, many were the adversaries that befell the world. Natural disasters, challenges, insecurity, climatic change and all. Very recently, the impact of climate change can be compared to the white house without roofs. It is leaving the earth at the mercy of… When I first heard about global warming, I was a tiny little thing. At best, I thought it to be some form of horror movie but now the reality is as real as the existence of water in an ocean. Beyond the bounds of Nigeria, we have seen and heard of disasters such as tsunami, storm, wild fire, dirty air in the India.

Here in Nigeria, instances of flood, abnormal rainfall, desertification is on the rise. These factors give credence to the prophecy of Malthus. It is man against nature. However, most of these disasters were spurred by human activities. Nigeria needs to increase her effort so as to curtail a far bigger danger that may arise due to the careless attitude of man in his immediate environment. 

– Olayinka Kayode Kingsley
Email contact: olayinkakayodekingsley@gmail.com

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