APC Primary Election: The War is Over But We Are Left Bleeding

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The All Progressives Congress (APC) primaries has come and gone but the memory is still like a fresh wound.

About 16 aspirants, including the incumbent Governor Yahaya Bello, spent 22 million naira each on nomination forms.

22 million naira, not 22 thousand naira. About 15 aspirants just wasted huge amount of money on a failing adventure.

You don’t win primary election by social media acceptance. Primaries are won by party’s delegates. You don’t need an angel to tell you if the delegates will favour you or not. Work and strategies is what wins this election.

22 million naira will make 22 people millionaires. There are some Kogites who need just 100,000 naira to boost their businesses. 22 million naira will have successfully helped 220 people. Now, if you add the effect of 15 more people, that’s 330 million naira down the drain. 3,300 businesses will have had a face lift.

Why will a governorship aspirant buy form for 22 million and share sachets of noodles on the streets? 

I think if we really want to change the story or rescue Kogi state as some claim then we should start from affecting the lives around us. Rescue as many as you can while not in power then do more when you eventually get to power. If you can’t rescue people now, it is obvious you won’t when you get there.

Kogi deserve more, but you don’t necessarily need to be the Governor to do the little you can give. More is just a polymer of little.

When Governor Bello eventually wins the governorship election in November, it will be clear how a lot of people have wasted time, energy and money for what we all know is mission impossible.

May we not kill ourselves for people that will eat dinner at night.

– Omeiza Samuel

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