A Cause Greater Than Dino

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How I wish we can consolidate on the gains of this unity and heightened momentum to always put the progress of Òkun before selfish ambitions.

In the history of our state, I had never seen my people speak with one voice like they did yesterday. It’s such a feeling that gladdens my heart.

But much more than uniting to shame political gladiators and their quest for power and unscrupulous ambitions, I think we should also harness this unity for the goodwill of the Òkun nation.

Some people have largely come out condemn the #IStandWithDino movement, calling it the ethnicity card. But I beg to disagree; it is simply the brotherhood card. The feeling of brotherhood my people hasn’t enjoyed since I can recall.

Something I have personally longed to see for ages with several hopes dashed. An issue that has created burden in the heart of well meaning Òkun people.

Instances where you choose to greet your Òkun brother in your dialect, but shuns you by answering you in English. Or issues of disconnect, strive, envy, conspiracy, unhealthy working relationship, lack of goodwill have characterised and defined an average Òkun breed.

I could recall many who have corroborated instances where you go to your kinsmen for help, and they turn around to tell you how over qualified or unqualified you are, only to see other people employed with the same qualifications as yours. It is like a genetic trait of bitterness and hate.

That Òkun surety where we can determine the outcome of any rising hope, because we know our lack of unity will definitely erode the beaming light.

The Òkun trademark where we disrespect each others achievements while looking for means to backstab or bring one’s own to disrepute.

Our homes and ever bubbling villages now look like deserts because of neglect not only from government, but from notable sons and daughters of Òkun land who have not seen the need to deploy the potent tool of unity to achieve development.

Òkun boasts of creative, talented, knowledgeable, dexterous, industrious and noble achievers not only within Nigeria but across the world. Scarcely will you not see them making waves in all key sectors of the country; but to what end?

Sadly, our individual achievements is not in consonance with out collective achievements. Our homes are not reflections of the achievements we proudly parade. And this is so distressing.

We hold a history that covertly and overtly negate our desire for progress and visible development. Let’s consolidate on this unity. Enough of the backstabbing. Enough of discord. Enough of greedy and selfish interests above the collective goodwill of Òkun people. Enough of that bitter venom that seeks to tear brotherhood apart. Enough of the unwillingness to lend a helping hand. Enough of the strive that has nearly engulfed and made mess of our humanity. Enough of those at the helm of affairs turning deaf ears to their kinsmen. The progression of one, should be acknowledged as the progress of all.

Can we look around and desire that this harmonious goodwill continue? Noble men and women of Òkun, those within and outside the country, whether the jinx of being a sell out hold sway or not is left to us to decide.

May our tribe succeed.


– Ologun Opeyemi

Communication Strategist

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