2023 Kogi Gubernatorial Election: Courage to Stand Up for What is Right 

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Dr. Tom Ohikere, a former Commissioner of Information in Kogi state, Director General Coalition of Kogi State Patriots, the head of the APC NewsOnline, and recently appointed as the Chairman of TAEEIAI media company, a man from Central Senatorial District of Kogi state, recorded this great feat among the courageous men who rose up to make the call for power rotation in Kogi State in the run up to the November 2023 gubernatorial election in Kogi state at the period a fellow from his own senatorial district is in power as the Governor of Kogi state.

His calls for rotation cannot escape the watch of the authorities and representatives of those in government whose term in office is fastly winding down.

In spite of the permutations of the powerful political figures in the state, Ohikere and his team of very courageous Patriots continued with the spiritual supports of the majority of the citizens of Kogi state who in the same conviction believes that in the spirit of fairness, equity and justice, the next Governor of Kogi state must be of the West Senatorial District of Kogi state.

It takes rare courage to follow your mind and conscience and be vehemence in the spirit of what is right in a time of distress, moral decadence, ineptitude and money politics that what is good for the goose should be allowed to the gander.

Ohikere has shown to the world that the courage to ask for what is right, expedient, the power rotation in Kogi state does not lie with Kogi West who has not produced the Governor in the almost thirty years of the state creation alone, but also rests on those who seem advantaged by demography or position! 

As Kogites in their numbers across the three Senatorial Districts are declaring support for the necessity and praying for power rotation, the government of Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello should take the mantle and lend a strong voice to restore the decaying and falling fragile walls of togetherness, inclusiveness and brotherliness that hitherto existed among these same people in their days of Kabba province in the old Northern region of Nigeria.

In many ethnic groups of Kogi state today unlike what it was in the past, sincere trust, brotherliness and togetherness have been dealt a fatal blow. Oneness has been jettisoned while there are wide cracks of distrust, suspicion and mutual friendliness

The state seems to be in captivity of the selfish calculation, and those charge with the responsibility of wielding the people together are complacent. 

The people of Coalition of Kogi Patriots and some God fearing individuals across the state stirred up themselves to take the bull by the horns, insisting that the future of the state is dangerously bleak if rotation is not allowed as practice elsewhere in Nigeria 

Kogi is yearning for those who will have the courage to establish a God fearing system that will set her on the path of growth and development for the benefit of not just Kogites of today but of future generations yet unborn.

– Musa Bakare
Director, Media and Publicity, Coalition of Kogi State Patriots

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