Young Nigerian Writes Creates Online Archive to Immortalize Pius Adesanmi

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The Society of Young Nigerian Writers (SYNW) has concluded plans to setup a blog archive aim at documenting thought provoking, scholarly and literary works of the late great scholar.

Society of Young Nigerian Writers (SYNW) in a statement signed by Mr. Wole Adedoyin and Mr. Izunna Okafor, SYNW National President and National Secretary on Wednesday, said the online archive would contain published articles, poems, essays and keynote addresses written by the late scholar on different online platforms with their detailed sources and links.

According to Wole Adedoyin, SYNW President and the current National Publicity Secretary of ANA (South) “the Late Prof. Pius Adesanmi was a role model to many of us (Young Nigerian Writers). He was not proud or selfish.

He had assisted many young Nigerian Writers in areas of literary development and academic scholarship in the past. The idea of this blog archive is to immortalize him by bringing his works closer to some of his readers, lovers and fans.

Prof. Pius Adesanmi, was among the 157 passengers and crew members that died in a plane crash on Sunday. The Ethiopian Airlines plane crashed on Sunday morning shortly after leaving Addis Ababa for Nairobi in Kenya.

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