Yahaya Bello’s Presidential Aspiration is a Movement – Danga

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Recent events in the Nigerian socio-political space is indicative of the ongoing calculations and permutations at federal levels for prominence and control of power at the center ahead the coming 2023 election.

The truth is that everybody needs a country that works, reward hard work, dignity, and where infrastructure and security will be in place and a nation where leaders elected are accountable to the people that elect them.

This articulation is therefore hinged on the ability to perform with sound physical and mental health aside the tenacity of a candidate to engender economic growth and infrastructural development.

Taking a good look at the potentials of the key aspirants, the only one who is wildly known as being popular and accepted among them is Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State.

Yahaya Bello’s Presidential bid is predominantly being Championed by the younger generation who have seen enough of bad leadership by the older generation and have been displeased with their disappointing performances.

The Youths are very anxious to vote in a man who represents their views and vision, and has shown enormous determination for a new trend of leadership with passion for accelerated development.

Governor Bello’s Presidential election is therefore seen in the country as a project that must come to fruitfulness in the 2023 Presidential election.

This is because the project is being divinely orchestrated to make Nigeria a prosperous Nation again and it can not be stopped by any zoning arrangement which is actually allen to the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

It would be highly irrational and unrealistic for the ruling All Progressive Party APC to succumb to the mystic of sensationalists by restricting a credible and wildly acceptable candidate from contesting the 2023 presidential election on the account of zoning.

Such a move would be counter productive and a disservice to the masses of Nigeria and a grievous mistake to humanity.

Yahaya Bello can not be deterred from Contesting for the 2023 presidential election. Nigerians including Gov. Bello are eligible to contest for the presidency regardless of geographical zone. The Nigeria Constitution is supreme above any sectional interest.

Yahaya Bello’s Presidential election can not be limited by any zoning arrangement and if APC as a party is still desirous of retaining the presidency beyond 2023 it must be willing to throw the party’s tickets open for credible aspirants to contest for the ticket irrespective of geopolitical zone.

This is because the people are solidly in support of his ambition and his popularity is waxing stronger. Just over the weekend, the entire Bauchi stoodstill as the campaign train of the most popular youthful Governor stormed the state.

Related events equally played out in kano state and earlier in Cross River State as multitude of youths pledged their support and solidarity for the Governor urging him to declare his intention for the number one seat in the country.

In 2023 history will again vindicate those who mobilize support for the right choice of candidate

It must be noted that the opportunity to have a paradigm shift has presented itself in 2023, and Yahaya Bello is that sole candidate that is divinely sent to ensure that there will be a change of leadership from the old generation to the younger generation in the 2023 election. Without overstating the obvious, Gov. Bello’s aspiration is a movement that political contractors who are mortals cannot stop.

– Hon. Abdulmumuni Danga writes from Lokoja.

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