Yahaya Bello: With Him, Contemporary Kogi Politics Was Born

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Love him. Hate him.

This man here, Alhaji Yahaya Bello is the intelligent politician from Kogi State that has broken into national politics, post democracy in 1999 after many tries from our past politicians.

He saw beyond the dwarf vision of three major ethnic groups in Kogi State, dragging for Governorship every 4 years. He is not a perfect man, mostly vilified by bad press, but he is our own Ronaldo from Kogi State when it comes to politics.

For those who always have things to say; in the comity of states in Nigeria, all of you have individuals that bring their feet forward to represent you at the national equilibrium, point at a single individual who hasn’t done everything FGYB has been accused of. Point at the Saint, still, you all ignore the logs in your eyes and focus on removing our own spec. If we allow you do so, we are shortchanged because in the national equation, interests and high-wired politics is what makes Katsina get a Train Route to Maradi when Kogi that links over 10 states in Nigeria should be a priority. It is the same national politics that made politicians abandon the only Steel industry in Nigeria- Ajaokuta Steel which needs 2B$ to revive whilst chasing elephant projects of no proportionate impact to our GDP.

You dont have to like FGYB but when your own saints sit on that table to discuss what will come to their states, we have a man who is fearless. Who is dogged. Who is a champion of his own people and has shown that he can compete.

With him, the contemporary Kogi politics was born.

He is the architect of political-youth-centrism and women inclusion in Kogi politics. Like the two sides of his chin, he has his challenges and wins.

Today is he 49, we celebrate him. We hail the White Lion, the bringer of Youth Participation in Kogi politics which has come to stay.

Happy birthday Your Excellency.

— Promise Emmanuel (Kogi Rebel) writes from Lokoja.

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