Yagba Reps Race: Time to Straighten the Future With Henry Abimbola

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I am not particularly comfortable bringing ‘rotation’ into argument of why I think Henry Tuesday Abimbola is the best to represent Yagba Federal Constituency in the Green Chamber. I will rather stick to selling him based on capacity, competency, antecedence of accessibility and humanitarian services, exposures and connection.
Been that as it may, one must not fail to remind people of conscience that Mopamuro last represented Yagba at that level sixteen years ago by the time Hon Karimi shall be completing his term by May next year.
This of course is an injustice in itself as the position that was suppose to rotate among three brothers overstayed with one of the brother – causing disruption in a peaceful ‘brotherly’ agreement entered into by great Yagba Political Icons to promote peace, unity and oneness among Yagba.
The spirit of the agreement is straight and noble. We are one in three: Mopamuro, Yagba East and Yagba West. We are Yagba first!
What justification or formula will make anyone want to deny Mopamuro of the right to her bite this time again? Is it fair and just that Mopamuro will have to wait for twenty years what was suppose to return in eight years going by the agreement that brought in Hon Shola Ojo of Mopamuro, Hon TJ Faniyi of Yagba East and Hon Sam Aro of Yagba West (first tenure)?
We may not be able to undo the injustice of the past but we can straighten the future. The past is gone but the future is in our hand!
The time is now for Mopamuro to represent Yagba. It is a coincidence that we have a competent, accessible, acceptable, cultured, sensitive and selfless candidate in Henry Tuesday Abimbola aka ITESIWAJU YAGBA.
It is not only a case of “omo wa ni ejeo shee” alone. But the best for the job coming from the axis that is divinely favoured to produce Yagba Representatives at this time.
– Oluwi Sesan writes from Lokoja.

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