Natasha’s Accident: Stage Managed?

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As a student of life with an inquisitive mind, I obstinately refuse to reject or accept phenomena without subjecting it to robust engagement. This is why I study philosophy, pyschoanalysis, religion, politics, political economy, anthropology, and biology.
Also, as Marxist, the motto; ‘De omnibus dubitandum’ (doubt everything) has informed us that we must not only doubt everything, we must also question them – we must keep an open mind while asking these questions.
Before I put forward my question, let it be on record that Natasha is someone I respect and would want to see at the Senate representing the people of Kogi Central. It is evident even to the blind and her good works and records speaks for her.
However, of late, I’ve been wrestling to come in terms with Natasha’s accident and my inquisitive mind doesn’t seem to agree on somethings, I will hereby pose the question to the general public hoping it will be giving the answers it deserves:
• My first question is, how many cars was in her convoy? Or was there no convoy? And was it just that car alone (the one we saw in the photo circulated all over the media) that was involved in the accident?
• Secondly, I would love to know the detailed account or series of events that led to the accident. I would love to know, was she hit by a car? Over speeding? And if it collided with a car, I will like to see the car it collided with. And if not, what happened?
• From the photo made available to the media, it was seen that the car somersaulted with a broken windshield. This implies that, even if the occupants of that car used a sit belt, the force of collision, the somersaulting and the broken windshield must’ve caused a reasonable degree of injury or at best a scratch. Since, as an atheist, I don’t believe in miracles, I would need an explanation as to how all the occupants came out without a single scratch?
• From the above synopsis, it has been established that no occupant of that vehicle sustained a single injury, not even a scratch. That means, they are healthy enough to take an aftermath photo. However, there is no evidence linking Natasha to the accident scene. No videos. No pictures. Absolutely nothing. Just a photo of a car and a fairytale.
• Who came to the rescue? How was the rescue operation done?
• It is believed, Ebira Reporters, an Ebira media blog who are known to be pro-Natasha posted about the accident exactly 12minutes after it occured. Coincidence? Where they informed and the photo sent to them? By who? And the pictures were taken, why can’t we find a picture placing Natasha in that scene?
• I am forced to inquire the following with all the above unanswered questions:
i. The accident occurred, perhaps. But was Natasha really in that vehicle?
ii. Is this a publicity stunt?
iii. Politician are known to appy all types of strategems to win elections. Is this to garner sympathy votes?
What is bitterly clear is there are unanswered questions surrounding the ghastly motor accident but I do wish Natasha all the best in the upcoming election and hope answers and more clarity is made available to the inquisitive minded individuals like me and clear all forms of doubts surrounding the unfortunate incident. Best wishes.
– Usman Hashim, a Kaduna-based blogger.

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