Yagba 2019: Edward Meseko Remains The Only Formidable APC Aspirant for House of Reps Seat

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Ire Yagba 2019 Campaign Organization is hereby appealing to all the critical stakeholders of APC in Yagba federal constituency to endorse Engr Edward Olatunji Messeko as the party flag bearer for yagba federal house of representative general election come 2019
Eddy, as popularly called, stands out among other aspirants jostling for APC ticket in the fourth coming Yagba federal house of representative primary election.
There are parameters and yardsticks that should form the basis for selection and consideration of an aspirant to be entrusted with party ticket.
Some of the factors to be considered include the following
1. Competence : any aspirant to be considered must be able to adequately and effectively offer quality representation
2. Acceptability: general acceptability of a candidate to the masses must also be considered
3. Maturity:  representation at that strata require some level of maturity. The recent experience of childish and tantrum expression of our senator in Kogi west has called for serious concern and therefore the stakeholders should considers maturity in the selection of party flag bearer.
4. Past Antecedents and Good Will: the stakeholders must also consider the past antecedents and good will of the aspirants before arriving at the choice of the candidate.
5. Principle of Federal Character: equity, fairness and Justice which is the hallmark of federalism and democracy must also be put to consideration in the course of the selection.
6. Loyalty: loyalty to the new direction government of GYB led administration in the state. This is sacrosanct, the ugly trend we are currently experiencing  between the leadership of the State and members of the national assembly from Kogi state is a big lesson.
7. Financial strength: after meeting  the above stated conditions next to it is finance. The stakeholders must also considers the financial strength of candidate to be picked.
The candidate to be considered should be an asset to the party and not a complete liability.
Engr Edward Olatunji Meseko stand out among other aspirants jostling for the house of representative and has met the above stated conditions to be considered for APC ticket in the fourth coming Yagba federal constituency primary election come 2019.
Engr Edward Olatunji Messeko is very vibrant, dynamic, outspoken, well coordinated and is endowed with innovative ideas.
He is competent, matured, general acceptable to the masses, the zoning also favour the axis of his origin (Amuro axis) in Mopa muro local government.
His past antecedents in human capital development through special consideration for Yagba applicants seeking for employment in his investments.
75% of workforce working in his investments from inception are from Yagba.
He set up educational scholarship scheme for the indigent students and pupils even to the tertiary institutions level across the three local government of the federal constituency.
He has frequently embarked on several support services for the less privileged, the widows and the needy
Social clubs,  churches and mosques are regular beneficiary of his benevolence.
On loyalty to the leadership of the party and government in the State: Edward Olatunji Meseko is absolutely loyal to the new direction government of Governor Yahaya Bello in the state.  He is an advocate of GYB, financier and strong supporter of APC in Yagba federal constituency.
On financial strength, if given the ticket of the party, he will complement the financial commitment and  expenses  of the party.
Edward Meseko is going to be an  an assets and not a  liability to the party.
On behalf of Ire Yagba 2019 Campaign organization, we are appealing to the critical stakeholders of APC in Yagba federal constituency to put the above stated variables into consideration and adopted the candidature of  Engr Edward Olatunji Meseko as the APC flag bearer for Yagba Federal House of Representative general election come 2019.
– Comrade Ikusagba Kingsley
Director of Media and Publicity
Ire Yagba 2019 Campaign Organization

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