Opinion: New Political Structure in Kogi

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The society is like a factory. The social engineering that is always structured for human and material control is most times subjected to natural processes. The society has a way of fixing herself. Scientifically, there’s a recycling process.

Acceleration takes place from the primitive to metaphysical and scientific. The oscillating filament ensues again. That is why for every century, nothing is new but everything becomes new with a new outlook. Most things are synthethized.

Human nature is naturally worrisome. The want to always adapt to new things, such as political and social environment. The constant nudge for control. The quest for adventure. The reinvention of the wheel. Those who maintain conservative creed of stability for a long time are those who understand the engineering of “reinventing the wheel creatively”.

In Kogi state.

The latter day political structures in Kogi state were largely consolidated on the political behavior that existed post GoodLuck Jonathan’s era. The crude and brutish. The one winner gets all. The We Vs Them. The polar divide. The enemy flank. These political adjustments rested on the prebendal power of gerontology- Government of the old people-keeping the young people imprisoned with plaques.

The political globalization of “Younger people in power” permeated the skins of many nations with a direct mocking osmosis on African countries, repute for old and expired leaders creating hegemonic structures of keeping the more vibrant, neo-liberal, post-colonial-mindset, technologically-adjusted and fecundly educated youths busy with frivolity while the old commandeered state power into their death.

The thing about mentality or psychological changes in power is that is happens gradually. Like a woman singing a lullaby for a crying babe to sleep. Like a long toothed rodent that bites and settles the pain of her victims with steady breezing. Like a house that is built with a duration. Like an angry mob waiting to happen. These things are gradual, most times they occur without the affected taking conscious notice. That is why every reality is built by material and immaterial changes.

The mental arrangement took a dive in Africa after the Arab spring. The Ghaddafi effect. Mugabe’s removal. Changes in Saudis. David Macron’s election. Donald Trumps effects. There were pockets of global voting behavior which fed the people through the unrestricted power of the internet. These things agglutinated into a mental-political starvation for the young people in Nigeria.

The collective population of Nigeria according to the Population Gathering institution released August last year shows Nigeria currently has a population of about 191million people, growing In increased birth rate and holding a decreased death rate even in the face of exacerbated hardship upon years of lack of mass-planning for economic parachute in difficult times like global or national recession.

It is also in statistics that more than half of Nigeria’s population which is more than 65% are youths. Ditto for Kogi State which carries about 4.3 million (BudgetIT, 2017), with more than half of her population as youths. The economy of every society is centered on her workforce. The workforce agile for productivity are the youths. Can the youths be shortchanged for long?

The economy of every country sits on the political economy vis-a-vis political behavior of that country. What is the political behavior of this country towards the youths? The old has kept embarrassing the growth of the youths. It was a pervasive political culture across Nigeria.

There’s a conscientious political deprivation by the old in Nigeria who have kept power within their ranks. They created a one-party system and an extended hand of an open-tenth party system to cater for their political prostitution and interests while swerving across party lines to ensure their hegemony remains intact. Sadly, the youths are made watchers when turned into cultists and thugs to perpetuate them in power. That is the giant ignorance. However, within the mind of every Nigerian youth, he starves. He starves for power. More inclusion. His adrenaline boils for participation. He becomes ripe for something new.

If someone like Governor Yahaya Bello can become Governor in his early 40s, the victory is for Africa.

The rancourous reality in Kogi state is not premised on bad leadership like many people have created mental frames from. In the heights, power is changing hands. Power is never given but taken, so both agitating groups fight within the “deep state” to seize it. Has it not occurred to you that those who scream bad leadership currently were once in power without any diminutive difference?

Human beings are pawns generally. The layers of education, literacy rate and self improvement which is a huge gap between the government and the governed in Nigeria is why the people can easily be swindled. In a state where people should be seeking indices of economic performance, they resort to lampooning the Governor for snapping pictures with masquerades- a cultural totem he is promoting, don’t you think the masses have been led into abandoning serious issues for jejune issues because their intellects can be played upon? That is one of such cases.

Have you also wondered why the masses prefer to pay attention to politicians fighting between themselves than asking questions about when promised development would hit their shores? The hypnotism is strong. The real thing that happens in Government is seldom known by the people. The people fight over frivolous affairs.

Real issues:

Yahaya Bello is swimming in murky waters and surviving. He has done it by retiring the pinnacle problems of Africa’s problems as a whole. As a youth, the new political structures emerging is to feed the age long starvation of the youths. Their thirst is getting droplets of water. There’s a new mental and psychological building in town. It is in young people experimenting.

When a new message hits town, it is given different interpretation until the people understand the source and intended meaning (s). The army of political youth bulldozers being integrated into the Kogi reality is not only going to revolutionize the state in the coming years, she is going to be a political power house in the sharp and scheme of political affairs in Nigeria as Kogi starts as the pioneer state to integrate young people into power. The chain reaction is bottom rocking. Youths would mentor other youths. We must have halved our wastefulness of youthful energy because the baton would be passed.

It is not a perfect Government because young people need time to understand power. Just like every new person on a new job takes time to train and delve into adaptation. The political tension gets better with experience.

The Kogi State Chief if Staff is ensuring something. Fire has remained with the youths. His Boss has made that possible. It wouldn’t matter what the press is saying, reality always win. Omofa John is below 25, he is from Kogi West and running for councilorship. Yahaya Bello gave him the confidence.

Salisu Ogu is 32, he is the Commissioner for Youths and Sports. Enema Paul is a Commissioner that might be twice younger than his predecessor that manned the same position in the last administration. Petra Akinti Onyegbule is 36 years old, she is the Chief Press Secretary of the State. The army of Senior Special Assistants in town are young, hot blooded and thirsty for service people who before you seize their opportunities which Africa has deprived them for centuries, you may have to take their lives first.

Promise Emmanuel is less than 30. You may need to make him 80 before he stops understanding what youths in power does to his own mental stimulation. Regardless of the cry for salaries not being paid, how masquerades got a propagandist 2m Naira from Governor, how Kogi is this and that, the YOUTHS don’t care. They’ll hold on to this revolution set by divinity with every step into learning from their mistakes, getting better at it, providing good governance to people like them who they serve and change the face of political manpower in Nigeria.

Wouldn’t you rather bank with the New Direction youths?

– Kogi Rebel (Promise Emmanuel) writes from Abuja. He rebels against mediocrity.

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