Why Suleiman Ibrahim and Musa Wada Do Not Deserve Ex-Gov Idris’ Support

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Today in Kogi state, the former governor of our state, Alhaji Ibrahim Idris is not a happy man. He is not happy both in the political and family front and the problem is not far fetched.

Ibrahim Idris, as a former governor and the main political godfather of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the state is very disappointed with the outcome of the party primary because with the victory of Engr. Musa Wada as the party governorship candidate who was sponsored by his son, Suleiman Ibrahim, his days of influence in the party and Kogi politics are numbered.

Deep down in the mind of Ibrahim Idris, he knew through personal experiences with his son, Suleiman and his son in-law, Musa Wada, the candidate of the PDP in the November 16 gubernatorial election, that they are both self serving gladiators who can not be trusted with political power.

He believes these self gladiators have sown the seed of confusion in the minds of the people who seems to believe these desperadoes well construed lies and lifestyles.

A great philosopher once said, “hindsight is better than foresight”. The more historical minded you are, the more you can understand the present and actually foresee the future. It is against this background that the rising political fortune of his son Sule and his in-law, Musa Wada, disturbs him for he knows them too well. But in this synthetic goodwill lies their albatross.

They have both mastered the arts of betrayal, which Ibrahim Idris knows too well, which has been their well concocted ladder to the top. For Musa Wada and Suleiman Idris, there is no holds barred on what they can do or whom they can muscle out of the way to get political and personal advantages.

Looking at things in the surface, Musa Wada and his godfather, Suleiman Ibrahim, seems to hold the aces and represents everything Kogites would like to have in a politician and governor. They are young, relatively well read and rich and of course, son and in-law to a colossal dynasty. How more real can these aspects of their personality be reflected than when they bite and want to chop off the very finger that fed them? Right in our very eyes and before the glare of the whole world, they stabbed their father in the back several times, both financially and politically.

Politically, they are in the course of before the eyes of Ibrahim Idris, wrenching his political structure which he has laboured to build for many years and make him irrelevant, publicly disgracing him who has loved and gave them everything and of course heartlessly send him to an early grave without recourse to human conscience.

One could now wonder what would have happened to Queen Elizabeth of England or even Prince Charles if Suleiman Idris would have been in the line of succession to the throne? Everything would have gone by now.

Financially, the former governor borrowed the son in-law a humongous amount of money to finance a business interest and after several demands of returning the said sum by Ibrahim Idris, Musa Wada has vehemently refused to repay him. Now the man is angry because he felt betrayed. The son today is involved in a legal battle he instituted against his father in court because of property which belongs to the father. The Bukoja Saraki scenario is now happening as well in Kogi state.

I can tell you categorically that in his quest to dethrone his father as the political godfather of the father’s political dynasty, Suleiman Idris has a silent agreement of sharing the loot of office with Musa Wada on a ratio of 70:30, if the later succeeds in being elected governor. Are these the type of persons to be trusted with public office?

Like Caesar, when stabbed by each of the assassins, stumbles forward towards his best friend, who in turn stabbed him too. And you too, Brutus? sums up Caesar’s surprise, disappointment and sadness at being stabbed by this particular friend.

I think Suleiman and Musa Wada are worse than Brutus. I can only imagine the grim look and disappointments at the face of Ibrahim Idris with the thought of allowing this treacherous character becoming the governor of Kogi state. Musa Wada is a man that by this betrayal, known as one with an insatiable quest for wealth and power. In the heart lies his curses for them that may power never be theirs in Kogi state.

As a student of history, I am waiting patiently to see what would happen to both characters now that we are coming to the very end of why they betrayed their father and reaping the harvest of their infamous acts of betrayal. Like Judas Iscariot, we know that it would not end well with them politically, the very reason for which we are afraid is that the whole state would suffer losses if the judgement of such betrayals is unleashed on them if they holds the rein of power.

Indeed, Suleiman Idris and Musa Wada are like poisonous snake well wrapped in a cellophane bag.

Kogites, Beware!

– Musa Musawa wrote from Abuja.

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