Why I am Aspiring for Yagba House of Representatives Seat – Folusho Daniel

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Apparently disturbed by the poor representation in Yagbaland and its attendant consequences on socio-economic development, the former House of Assembly member who represented Mopamuro local government, Hon. Michael Folusho Daniel has signified his intention to contest for the House of Representatives seat for Yagba Federal Constituency.

In his letter of intent to the people of Yagba, Hon. Daniel attributed poor representation as being responsible for the under development in the land.

The former Kogi State House of Assembly member explained that he is taking a crucial decision to come out to represent the collective interest of the people of Yagba Federal Constituency at the National Assembly on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

“I have reflected very deeply on the present state of Yagbaland.  I found a yawning gab between where we are and where we ought to be among the comity of other similar nations. I came to a conclusion that the time is fully ripe for us as Yagba nation to occupy a pride of  place as envisioned for us by the founding fathers of modern Yagbaland,” he stressed.

He pointed out the Yagba of today is faced with numerous challenges. Of particular concern is the fact that the the people of Yagbaland are more divided than ever before and can hardly speak now with one voice and accord.

“Education which used to be our pride has become bastardized. Our health care delivery system is in comatose. Our major and feeder roads are in terrible state of disrepair. While the population of the unemployed and under employed continue to soar on the daily basis with attendant security problems,” he added.

Daniels also noted that in opting to serve the good people of Yagbaland at this time, it will be amount to self illusion and deceit to assume that the journey to the promised land will be smooth.

He said he is not pretending to possess a magic wand, but posited that Yagba problems are traceable. He described himself as an incurable optimist.

“Over the years, through meticulous and meritorious service career, proper political mentoring including legislative exposure of  about four years, I have accumulated sufficient experiences, knowledge, know-how, exposure, connections and strategies that will all count to every good representation of Yagba people at the National Assembly. All I am asking is the opportunity to deploy all these arsenal for our collective good.”

He therefore solicited for the support of the people of Yagbaland, promising that he will not let them down as he is poised to provide a quality representation at National Assembly.

Credits: Wale Ibrahim | WesternPost

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