Why Hon. Zaphania Bitrus Jisalo is Best Man to Represent Abuja Municipal-Bwari in the Senate

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The breaking story that the former chairman of the Abuja municipal area council (AMAC) is interested to contest for the senatorial seat is one that has gladdened the heart of residents of the FCT.

Hon. Zaphania Bitrus Jisalo, a man of many parts and one of the most patriotic leaders in the memories of the residents of Abuja, is one that is encouraging many political enthusiasts as we approach the next general elections.

Jisalo, a humble, humane, unassuming, accommodating and kind hearted leader when he traversed the FCT, political landscape as a hurricane is today regarded as the best leader and politician yet in the living political memories of our people because his humble beginnings in life has helped him to connect with his people and this qualities has humbled him to always elucidate for his people.

The people have always seek for him to represent them because as a silent achiever, his politics and leadership qualities has constantly and continually made him worth following. Everybody would agree with the postulations that even though yesterday is gone, but its memories are stick with the people.

Today is here eventually and it is the people’s duty to make the best of it, even though we know that tomorrow is for God and the people can only hope for the best and the hope for the best is the decision by Hon. Jisalo to contest for the senate in the next political dispensation to represent the good people of the FCT.

For Hon Jisalo, since the election season of 2004, when the good people of the Abuja municipal area council, AMAC, elected him as the chairman of the area council, there was no going back.

On two different occasions, when the people elected him as the AMAC chairman, he has never disappointed them and this has been a case study for the people who have peer reviewed his political career and that of the others after him and concluded that he is the real deal moving forward for them and their developmental yearnings in the next political dispensation.

This is because Abuja is a cosmopolitan area where different interests exists. Yet, the people keeps trusting him and keeping their faith in him by calling on him to be their representatives in the senate.

Many would agree with me that only a worthy representative and leader get this treatment from his people. But wait a minute, he has got records that no one in Abuja’s political history when peer reviewed has got. A two term chairman of the Abuja municipal area council, a cosmopolitan area, a two term member of the house of representatives and many more who has brought development to the door of his people in all its physicality than any one as no one has achieved this before him as it is unprecedented.

It has really being a long road for honourable Jisalo before he attained political prominence and this is the story of every human being that has achieved greatness as his is not different. For a man who was born on April 3rd, 1970 and was educated in the Garki primary school, Garki Abuja and graduated with the first school leaving certificate. He proceeded to the government secondary school, Karu, Abuja where he obtained a general school certificate, GCE and the West African School Certificate, WASC.

He had his tertiary education at the University of Jos, Plateau state and graduated with a Bachelors degree in education. Hon. Jisalo obtained and advanced diploma in applied psychology and diploma in criminal justice and administration at the university of Jos, Plateau state. He further attended the institute of mass communication and technology where he obtained a diploma in public relations at the Thames Valley University in London, UK. He further studied government policies, planning and implementation. No wonder, it has been a long road coming with experience for Hon. Jisalo.

If one is ever in search of words to describe what honourable Jisalo symbolises, then it is important to hear it from the mouth of his people who see him as a symbol of political unity, harmony and development.

Though the residents of Abuja belongs to various political parties and groupings and hold different political views, this has hardly blurred their support and admiration for the man they see as a man of the people.

Many again see him as an innovative mediator in several local and national conflicts because he is a man that can be trusted. That is why he is the best choice for the senate, moving forward.

Hon. Jisalo’s major political assets this time around as he contest for the senate is that he is one of the most resilient, resourceful and innovative leader who has done it over and over again as his experience is invaluable at this time in the FCT political journey, having won elections 5 times since the return of democracy.

He is a very charismatic leader and a bridge builder across tribes, religions, across political parties and even generations. As a man that can be trusted, many see him as the man to beat in the senate race in the FCT.

– Musa Wada

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