Water Shortage Bites Harder in Lokoja, as Water Board Continues Strike

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Residents of the Confluence City of Lokoja has continued to groan under dearth of water as the Kogi State Water Corporation continue their strike over unpaid salaries, Vanguard has learnt.

Lokoja houses the confluence of two of Africa’s biggest rivers, Niger and Benue.

The Kogi State Government has been hit with the cash crunch affecting many states in the federation, hence, its inability to pay workers salaries for some months, a situation which has sparked industrial action in the state.

When Vanguard visited Adankolo and Lokongoma, residents were seeing patronizing residents with boreholes and open wells.

Some residents were also seeing fetching water from the River Niger for consumption while many others took their clothes to the river for washing.

Health workers in the city warn of the danger of water borne diseases if the situation is not brought under immediate control.

A nurse with the Federal Medical Centre Lokoja who identified herself as Elle told our reporters that there could be outbreak of diseases if water supply is not immediately restored to the town.

Also, a resident of Lokoja who spoke to Vanguard, Wemimo Aliyu urged the State Government to resolve the industrial crisis rocking the state for the sake of peace and service to the people.

“Can you see what we are passing through here? A confluence City that has no water.

How can the government be treating us like this? They need to pay workers salaries because anyone who work must eat. They should stop putting us in this mess”.

However, a senior government official who craved anonymity said the strike embarked upon by civil servants was uncalled for and was aimed at embarrassing the government which has done so much for the development of the state.

He implored the civil servants to go back to work and employ dialogue in resolving the issue, saying that no government has invested in water provision more than the Wada administration.

Credit: Vanguard

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