Video: Ebira Version of Nigerian National Anthem Dedicated to Yahaya Adoza Bello

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We have a mat that stretch over a wide area and a horn that blows our uniqueness as Ani Ebira not just in Nigeria and Africa but the world at large.

This beat of uniqueness called individuals with passion and zeal of not letting to extinction the Ebira Music.

This Translation of the Nigerian National Anthem was recorded by the Ebira Classycont Chorale, a group of young singers who stand to establish and maintain classical music in Ebira language.

The Nigerian National Anthem (Ebira translation) is one of the translated musical records done and performed by the group. Among the records are Émi ati isimi nyi (All that I am), Orihi édatu (Showers of Blessing), Ékuhi Irajé (Oh Happy Day), and many others.

The Nigerian National Anthem is hereby dedicated to His excellency, the executive Governor of Kogi state, Alh. Yahaya Adoza Bello for his keen responsibility to promote the good of the people and being the first Ebira Man to be the Executive governor of Kogi State.

Your Excellency Sir, we wish this Ebira Translation of the national anthem could be taught and sang in all schools in Kogi Central.

Ebira Classycont Chorale
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