Unknown Gunmen Attack Community in Igalamela, Sacks Popular Market

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Sunday, the 17th day of July, 2022 was a  day of horror in Agbedo, Akpanya; a community in Igalamela-Odolu local government area that serves as boundary between Kogi State and Enugu State. The day began like every other normal day until unknown gunmen in their numbers stormed the village’s popular market called Ede Market (also called Orie Market by Ibos) and opened fire on individuals in the market.

It was gathered that two persons were shot dead on the spot, while one other sustained fatal injury from gunshots. 

The attack has left residents in the area in sudden shock and anxiety as it is believed that the attackers are most likely to be the IPOB agitators who now see the community as a soft target to hit without any likely resistance.

One of the residents who spoke with our correspondent, but preferred to remain anonymous, described the attack as “a sudden, unexpected bombshell”.

“It was sudden and unexpected. It was like a bombshell. We were all in the market when we began to hear sporadic gunshots. People in the market ran helter skelter. It was as if we were in a state of war. The gunmen succeeded in killing two persons and injuring one fatally. The market soon afterwards became a silent and empty scene. We now live in fear and anxiety as we don’t know who and where could be attacked next,” he said.

Speaking to our correspondent, another resident of the area called on the state government to beef up security in the area because of its status as boundary to the East.

“Agbedo, Akpanya is the last village in Kogi separating Kogi from Enugu State. From Agbedo, you would enter villages called, Unadu, Itchi, Egi Ibagwa – all in Enugu State. I call on the government to deploy enough security in boundary villages like Agbedo, Akpanya to ensure that these unknown gunmen do not succeed in hitting soft targets and escaping unchallenged,” the resident said. 

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