Ugbane: The Arrival Of A New Dawn

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Politics is understood as forming alliances, exercising power, protecting and advancing particular ideas or goals.
Most persons have indulged in tittle-tattle, alleging the unfitness of Senator Nicholas Yahaya Ugbane to rule as the state Governor due perhaps to personal anger, interest or perception but I stand to say it louder that it is more of an advantage to every citizen of this great state if Senator Nicholas Yahaya Ugbane succeeds as the Kogi State Governor.
Some of us have lost one or two of our loved ones as a result of the invitation of doom on our fortune by the current Kogi State Government. Some are rendered homeless, some are made useless, students were withdrawn from schools because they could no longer afford their fees, parents were sacked, and some were and are still unable to pay their rents. Do we still need this government as worth keeping without a change of hand?
We have cried enough and have sung our part of blues, and now a call to action for a greater course in this enviable state is inevitable. We have been abused and crushed.
Senator Nicholas Yahaya Ugbane has every ingredient to make a better soup for us-all to eat, take good breath, smile and sleep comfortably. So why don’t we support him and in the process, suggest ways forward for him in order to see the change we so desire?
He is a man of experience, influence, many connections and unmatched education who has worked with different people and has won awards as a result of his good leadership quality.
The accreditation of Ochaja Training Centre and the subsequent change of the name from School of Agric to College of Agriculture is ensured. The Ochaja Radio Station will be equipped, upgraded and fully operational. The Dekina/Bassa Road will be reconstructed in less than 100 days in office. The dilapidated government schools (primary/secondary) will be reconstructed, equipped and will be fully operational. Putting an end to delay in salaries and pensions payment will be prioritized, and arrears of the old salaries will be paid monthly. Health facilities will be fully operational with every available equipment. Loans to farmers as well as fertilizer will be made available, and every factory shutdown will be reopened to be operational in the state.
Let’s put an end to this tittle-tattle! Let us put an end to speeches and acrimonious statements that have divided us and have set us apart. Let us make Kogi the talk and envy of other states for the future of the unborn children.
Senator Nicholas Yahaya Ugbane can and will give us that in little or less time all that the state needs to grow. His wealth of experience will be useful here. With our support and God’s guidance, he will deliver on his mandate.
One Kogi! One voice!!

– Ebiloma Nuhu Eneojo

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