Tinubu’s Victory Proves Ethnic, Religious Sentiments Can’t Stop a Just Cause – Nasiru Usman Bello

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On behalf of myself, my family and teeming supporters and all progressives, I wish to heartily congratulate our President-elect, Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu on his victory at the Presidential polls.

Sir, with this victory you have proven to world that ethnic sentiments, religious biases and political betrayal cannot stop a cause that is just and true.

Despite strong opposition from within and out, you stayed true to your convictions, fought for the soul of the country and have come out victorious.

You are a great man and most deserving of your triumph. It is my best wishes for your success as you prepare to take up the responsibilities and challenges of your high office.

As you embark upon your new responsibilities, I wish to assure you of my myself and my team’s unalloyed support for you as you concert efforts in the cause of peace, all round development and the brotherhood of all Nigerians.

I also wish to congratulate my dynamic and enthusiastic leader, Alhaji Sanusi Gamji for the success of our victory at the polls, Alhaji Sanusi in his untiring manner worked day and night to see that we emerged victorious, his unwavering hope was an anchor on which we leveraged to fight and push for the victory we are celebrating today, may Almighty Allah bless him and continue make him relevant in the quest to build a better nation.

Finally, I wish to congratulate the indefatigable Director-general of the Bola Ahmed Tinubu Campaign Committee, Hon. James Faleke on the safe docking of the Presidential Campaign ship.

Your superb effort is the foundation of the success we have achieved.

You worked tirelessly and efficiently for this victory, May God bless you with more wisdom as you help our incoming President to steer Nigeria to greater and enviable heights.

To Nigerians, there is no better time than now to take back our country, let us join hands with the incoming administration to attain the dreams of our heroes past and bring Nigeria to her desired place in the comity of states .

Once again congratulations Your Excellency.


Dr. Nasiru Usman Bello

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