The Kogi We We Deserve With Dr. Sam Omale

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The world is evolving, leadership is innovative, and society is competing. Gone are the days when politicians soar on pyrrhic philanthropic antecedents, social background, ethnic or religious affinity. The days when men hovers with elaborated hoaxes and financial capacity to romanticize their ways to power are long gone.

These days, against the backdrop of such pecuniary inclinations, leadership is focused on innovation, ideology, team work and development concept strictly with professionals and expert—aspirants who must come handy with manifestos that are spot on and speak tacitly to society’s consortium of economic, social or political conundrum. The world no longer sees venerability in inexperienced halfwits, rather, experts are sought-after and deployed regardless of age, ethnic or political background.

For instance, Singapore is known for ‘zero margin’ for errors as a result of right leadership. Once, things are not working, the citizen retires leaders and replace them with capable hands. The United States of America isn’t exempted as well being one of the most democratised Nations of the world. Her 2024 presidential election has begun with political parties conducting public debates for its aspirants in order to determine who is qualified to appear in the main debate. As at 23rd of August 2023, the Republican party held her first primary debate with the second phase coming up on the 27th of September, 2023. The basis for such engagement is the determination of uncommon results with qualify candidate only.

Beyond the nadir of uncanny ethnic quests, Kogi state is set to join the global trends with one of her bests, Dr Samuel Agada Omale. Posed to deploy terms, techniques, networks and experience to shape the ugly dynamics, the Olamaboro born world’s renown financial expert and consultant, Dr Sam approaches the governorship race with sound mind to transform the state’s fortune and project leadership in conformity with global best practices.

Unlike what is obtained, Sam holds a brilliantly penned manifesto that appeals to the resonation of our decaying economy, and just like what is currently playing out in the United States of America, he is calling on Kogites as well as contemporary candidates for an interactive session where electorate gets to know what each candidate will offer in order to make informed decision in the forthcoming election. Therefore, in the cause of this work, the Kogi we deserve with Dr sam Agada Omale is detailed in;

SECURITY: Kogi state under his watch shall harness the best human and technological resources to detect, prevent and respond to the myriad of security threats in the state through surveillance system, state emergency service, financing and local network.

ECONOMIC GROWTH: a 7—10% increase in annual GDP and 20% annual growth in Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) is assured with Dr Sam Omale. This is achieved with full exploration of the various revenue potentials in the state including mining Agriculture, tourism, industry and digital economy.

Furthermore, the confluence of river Niger and River Benue is an added value as Dr Sam will, through marine economy spur growth in various locales and areas of key interest such as mini hydropower production, irrigation, transportation, leisure research, etc. On a larger scale, the Young Progressive party’s candidate will set-up regulatory bodies such as Kogi investment promotion agency, Kogi Mines holding company, Kogi venture funds, monitoring of efficient taxation and more.

INFRASTRUCTURE; To consolidate on economic growth and security, a world class infrastructure drive is critical especially, for improvement in the quality of life. Hence, Dr Sam’s administration shall focus on local and international collaboration with institutional investors who will invest in real assets with long term returns. He will ensure mutually beneficial collaboration with investors, targeting adequate fund raising for major infrastructural projects such as transportation, energy, waste management, portable water, food control, etc.

GOOD GOVERNANCE: Corruption and wanton disregard for the rule of law, violation of human right and constricting of freedom have over time eaten deep into our existential fabrics. The state’s inability to attract businesses and the low quality of life points to the fact. However, through blockage of loopholes, public sector sensitisation, enforcing transparency and accountability and pursuing policies which protects fundamental human rights, Sam’s administration will facilitate key initiatives such as human rights and freedom, absolute transparency, responsive judiciary, civil service and environmental reform.

HUMAN DEVELOPMENT: The short and long term growth of every society is directly linked with the quality  of Education, healthcare, et al. If given the opportunity, Dr Sam shall invest hugely in Education, health, welfare and infrastructure. Hence, the difference between now and the future lies in the choice we make. The YPP’s governorship candidate, Dr Sam Omale therefore offers himself not as your ruler, but as pathfinder who will sail Kogi to her dreamed land.

– Enema Joy writes from Lokoja, Kogi state.

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