The Great Little Things

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When we pay attention to life, we realize how little things have made big impacts on each of us. 

Life is a collection of all sorts but the enduring memories of our lives may not be the flamboyant experiences but the simple, modest ones. They’re such that often require no big budgets, no elaborateness. 

God knows that we all need our packages of great moments. So He ensures it can be got within the leanest budgets; that when the rich have their fun, the poor can and will have theirs. 

As if to spite riches, frank talks from both the rich and the poor suggest that their cherished moments – experiences that have touched the deepest part of their souls – are simple acts of love and genuine concerns shown them. 

Moments like when we are being visited by loved ones, or when a loved one offers to take us out are a gem. We feel great and grateful when out of love we’re considered for a position of responsibility, like being made a children teacher or a welfare coordinator in emergency situations.

Watching your parent, child or your spouse honored either in your local church or community or at work also inspires great joy. 

The need to be genuinely admired, loved and cared for is little yet it might be the greatest need of each soul.

Many of us have been privileged to enjoy these little things in great ways. 
The question then is, how are we sharing our great little things; how willing are we trying to make other people’s day?

– Oshaloto Joseph Tade writes from Lokoja.

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