The Game of Lies and Self Deceit by Kogi Guber Aspirants and Lazy Brains Who Buys Them

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This period is indeed supposedly a time for real politicking and serious political calculation by governorship aspirants but what we see and read especially on social media is dominant of fake news and panic-stricken aspirants who are showing weaknesses and lack of serious political might.

They sponsor all kinds of cyber-rumours and lies, they are like of that who desperately want to be the King; want the crown to be removed from a powerful, calculative and heavily guarded King but don’t want a feast or combat, they are simply looking for unheroized hero to remove the crown from the King’s head. The obvious is that the unheroized hero can not be found in the Kingdom, the King is very much aware of the gimmicks by the Kingship seekers, the king is busy strengthening his guards, energizing and preparing to wrestle with his panic-stricken kingship seekers while the seekers goes around the kingdom looking for unheroized hero. This is likened to Kogi state guber aspirants who are aspiring to snatch power from Governor Yahaya Bello.

Over the years, Governor Yahaya Bello have shown a great fighting and winning spirit. He has challenged the ‘unchallengeable’ strongmen of Kogi Kingdom and he has defeated them all round, rendering them to only exist by the sound of their weak cyber wailing and rumour mongering.

Election is few months away and all we see are unserious contenders. They are all afraid of defeat and want a magical enthronement. They are everywhere panicking about APC ticket, some are making false story of how chief of staff is being detained while the man is chilling in Lokoja. In the camp of PDP, they are restless and unresolved, they are so much concerned about how Governor Yahaya Bello shouldn’t be given APC ticket. How can another household be concerned about who head the other family?

Let me remind these people that fake news and rumour didn’t win 2 over 3 Senators from Kogi State, it didn’t win 7 over 9 House of representatives, and it didn’t  win 25 over 25 of house of assemblies in the last election, so there is no way doing the same thing over and over again gives different result.

Governor Yahaya Bello have proven beyond doubt that he is a pillar to reckon with in Nigeria politics, those still playing by the old tricks should learn that the game is new and it goes with new tricks.

One can only conclude that these aspirants and oppositions are only on self deceit and some lazy heads are buying their deceit while the serious minds takes them for jokers who are only entertainers in the race.

– Prince Muhammed-J Nuhu

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