Kogi Guber: Prevailing Shenanigans of Igala Agenda

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At the verge of most electoral processes in Nigeria, the comic sway of some political actors are the major propelling force behind the wheels because unlike what is obtainable in developed climes, the cunning switch and short term venture of confusional politicians is a top most icon that diminishes the intent of the selfless political actors.

In contemporary assessment, many adventurers verge into politics to pursue the goals of  selected cabal who in turn escalate to become sword drawn enemies after winning the polls.

In the good old days, politics was a call to serve; the terrain was filled with political idealists of the highest calibre of integrity and charisma but today, the reverse is the case.

The political circle in Nigeria is now dwindling to a become a port of religious bigots, feeding from a supposed communal pot converted to a domestic means of siphoning public funds.

Politics is fast becoming a hunt to “chop” and not a flair to serve; politics is now a hunt to be served and not a call to serve. The scenario is too sour that the few immaculate politicians are  polluted to embrace the bandwagon of fraudulent political adventurers who are not tired of amassing wealth to the detriment of the poor masses.

Kogi State is rehearsing tactics anticipated to be utilized come November 16, 2019 (I foresee postponement) but let me reiterate clearly, there is no arrangements of tact and schemes that can yield positive results in a State landmarked with selfish politicians, hunger affiliated sycophants, monetary induced voters and myopically defined followers who are easily beclouded by initial inducements to suffer in the aftermath but still willing to repeat same mistakes yet foolishly expecting a different result.

Let’s go back to ‘Ane Igala’ where the focus of this discourse is preemptive:
It is comically distasteful to witness the immediate sojourn of noticeably weak political soldiers indicating interest to contest in the forthcoming election in Kogi State. To many of these adventurers, if at all you can wear ‘agbada’ you are fit to contest for a governorship position in Kogi State.

These class of recycled political noisemakers have no credible antecedents but are quick to tell their brethren lies by anchoring their semi baked campaigns on the failures of the incumbent Governor, Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello.

Permit me to buttress at this juncture that Kogites need not to be reminded on the lapses of the ‘New Direction Government’ because we not blind and we can see; even those praise singing the government are facing the music. Thus, using Bello as a campaign strategy is the first trace to identity a failed aspirant. Tell Kogites your selling points and how you intend actualizing these goals, Yahaya Bello is not your most trusted goalkeeper that should be blamed for your own illogical adventure. On a second note, the new league of Igala aspirants should be able to prove to us beyond reasonable doubts that they are better off than Yahaya Bello in style, antecedents and visions for Kogi State.

Constitutionally, all aspirants are eligible to contest but for the sake of the most chanted “Igala Agenda”, it is pertinent we harmonize structures instead of dividing a house already divided against itself. This is the worst time to initiate any blame game tactics by hinting and digging up cheap reasons why we failed especially in this dispensation; it is NOW time to tell ourselves the bitter truth aimed at retracing our steps toward the right direction.

Many aspirants are prevailing on the perceived supremacy of “Igala Agenda” to deceive those who are interested in their schemes. Igala Agenda died the day Dr Stephen Om’Akoji Schema died; what we have at the moment is a shabbily crooked veil, structured to win elections without communal benefits.

Abomi Igala! We must be careful by dissecting the new lions on the loose looking for prey. We can accord them honour by granting them audience but from my little interference with some of the acclaimed messiahs, they are more dubious, ill focused, intellectually poor and idealistically dumb than the man they are all indicating interest to oust from power.

I can authoritatively point out one or two amongst the new breed gunning for Lugard House who are saboteurs attempting to pollute our political landscapes with filthy lies garnished with cheap deception. I will not hesitate to unveil them at the right time because posterity will not forgive me if I opt to keep mute.

It is timely to advice the new brand of criminally minded low esteemed aspirants without philanthropic antecedents to withdraw from the race instead of wasting resources. I strongly advice these politicians who are not even known in their respective communities to utilize the little resources at their disposal by carving a niche for themselves at the grassroot because politics is local.

It is very annoying to see posters of self centered adventurers who do not know the routes to their country home prior to this time, but they are now running home to deceive our helpless people orphaned by the highhanded political style of the incumbent political ‘regime’ in Kogi State.

Another wicked deviation is the shaming adventures of our ‘agbadufu’. Some Igala youths are more dubious and criminally minded than these politicians seeking the services of the former. Youths who are supposed to champion the right course are serving as stooges who are not willing to retire from sycophancy any time soon.

Our youths are fast becoming errand boys selling the cheap ware of self centered politicians in the market of unhealthy competition and disunity. Many Igala youths can not stand their grounds to tell political aspirants the stark realities because they are beneficiaries of crumbs and momentarily induced stipends.

In the aftermath of this seasonal offer, they storm the media space (using the opportunity of the new media) to craft lies in support of politicians without any trace of laudable impact but are willing to be recycled.

Abomi Igala! It is time to rally our support for the triumph of the right candidate. Aside the notions of tribal engagement, Yahaya Bello is not a sellable candidate and the limited number of Igala sycophants presently serving in his cabinet are finding it hard to continue championing weak propaganda.

Be that as it may, the lapses of Yahaya Bello should not grant access to any political jobber without credible and traceable antecedents. It is dangerous to rally round diaspora politicians who are quick to come home during the polls seeking support and will runaway to come back when it is time for the next election. It is also difficult to believe a man who cannot attract development or influence any social amenities to his community promising to develop Kogi State! We must shun these political magicians  attempting to hypnotize us by playing political abracadabra.

Brethren! All politicians are not the same even though the shenanigans of “Igala Agenda” can not soar on its wing because most of the mouthed politicians singing sugar coated lines lack the interest of the Igala nation at heart; they are attempting to ride on the wings of the much abused lexicon in recent time – Igala Agenda – to embark on a failed political voyage.

Lugard House is not a lounge where we celebrate tea party and successes in business adventure does not connote a smooth political swap or transition.

Conclusively, “Igala Agenda” may not trend and thrive in the forthcoming poll if the Igala nation is not ready to speak with one stentorian voice. It is time to separate the chaff from the grain by identifying and working in favour of tested and trusted politicians who have proven beyond reasonable doubts that they are ready to sail our ships to the promise land.

It is also the best time to reward the few amongst the numerous adventurers who have showcased wisdom by helping and building our people to grow. It is time to reward Igala philanthropists by shunning those who have little or nothing to offer because a man who cannot help others by giving out necessary funds or relieving the plights of the masses will in turn siphon funds through nepotism without any achievement if mistakenly voted into power.

We MUST be guided!

– Ajogwu Jerry (Black Lion)

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