The 10 Theses of the Winning Man (2)

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Historically, rarely do we have political candidates who come to limelight with resourcefulness and  political viability. In our clime, most people vie for political offices primarily because they have enough money to buy the people. Some political candidates are imposed by political godfathers, albeit against the will of the people, as a way to sustain their political hegemony. Bashorun MD Eseyin comes to the field of play with a difference.

In a political environment where imposition of political candidates against the general will of the masses is rift, the boisterous Bashorun of Okagi Kingdom  is an independent candidate who responded to the call of the masses to run for the exalted office as a way to placate Yagba Federal Constituency and the Youth demography. Unlike some other candidates with political godfathers who must do the bidding of their imposters – because he who pays the piper dictates the tunes – MD Eseyin is representing the will of the people without imposition. If there is a revolution in the offing against political dictatorship and imposition, the symbol of that revolution is MD Eseyin and the platform is ACCORD. 

Almost too often, we have had to elect representatives to both Chambers of legislature who have no particular pedigree or resourcefulness. This happen often because the people are incapacitated and denied the opportunity to elect a candidate to represent them. They end up with sleeping Legislators who sleep away in the law making chambers. Bashorun MD Eseyin is young, vibrant and resourceful. 

As far back as 2002, MD Eseyin with Associate organized the first football competition that covered Okun Land. The tournament was tagged Awoniyi Cup. Through the well televised football competitions, several highly talented Footballers of Okun descent gained the requisite publicity and exposure that gained them acceptance to several national football clubs. 

The Bashorun also organized the first Miss Kogi Competition in 2005 which was tagged African Face of Kogi. This was done in conjunction with the then Government of Kogi State. Through this programme, many of the successful candidates became Brand Ambassadors and influencers for several notable organizations in the country. 

Being a creative ace, MD Eseyin founded a National Association named Public Office Holders Association of Nigeria (POHAN) as well as National Public Service Awards and Summits (NAPSAS). Both Associations have national appeals and wield strong influences among Public Office Holders in Nigeria and internationally. 

While he occupied the office of the Special Adviser to Kogi State Governor on Youth Empowerment, Sports and Students Affairs, he negotiated and set the framework for the monthly stipends enjoyed by all officials of National Youth Council of Nigeria (Kogi State Chapter) from Local Government officials to the State Officials of the Association. They were also given official vehicles across the 21 local government as facilitated. MD Eseyin did the same with Bursary payment to Students of Kogi State origin in all tertiary institutions in Nigeria as his proposal for Bursary payment was graciously approved by Governor Yahaya Bello.

A Philanthropist and Community Developer, MD Eseyin had been recognized with Chieftaincy Titles by several Okun Communities as a way to acknowledge his welfarism and Community Development efforts. He was named the Oluomo of Orokere Amuro and the Bashorun of Okagi Kingdom in recognition of his developmental projects in these communities.

For a man who had never been voted into an elective position to garner these records and achievements, the world can only wait and watch what Bashorun MD Eseyin will achieve for his people in a Senate position. 

We have the next few months to make this happen and together we will achieve it.

– Alhaji Abdulraman Hassan Yahaya wrote from Lokoja.

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