Taufiq Isah’s Lamentation on Kogi West Election, Expressed Agony of a Political Neophyte

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I read with dismay the allusion by Hon. Taofiq Isah that the uninspiring senatorial results from Kogi West was a product electoral malpractices.He was quoted in the post that he discovered that there was massive rigging by Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in his area while lamenting that his party, the All Progressives Congress (APC) was shortchanged.

He was however right that the outcome of his alleged compromised presidential and national assembly elections in Kogi West has left APC leaders from the area in agony and frustration. They ought to have done better considering the huge resources placed in their hands to ensure victory.

There is no need to tender any apology, reserved or unfettered to anyone over the outcome of last Presidential and National Assembly Elections in Kogi West because the people merely expressed with their votes their wishes and aspirations which are at variance with the egocentric disposition of the Emperor in Lugard House and his lords.

Okun people have taken note of the promise of Hon. Taifiq Isah to strategize on making sure his party come victorious in the upcoming elections. If it is equal to unleashing violence, he should refrain because any violent occurrence will be attributed to him.

Apologizing to his colleagues from the other Senatorial districts particularly the Chief of Staff, Hon. Edward Onoja for whatever reason has exposed those trying to determine who should represent West Kogites in the Senate.

A decree the gods of Ogugu could not effect through the pronouncement of their oracle whose favourite colour is white can never be actualized through violence.

No amount of bracing up and firm decision taking can assuage the failures of the present that the people resolutely chose not to experience anymore.

Hon. Taofiq Isah is advised not to engage in any act that will disturb the peace Okunland witnessed during the presidential and National Assembly elections as he will surely face the consequences if he incites or sponsors any act to that effect.

The capacity to think rationally is not one of the known attributes of Hon. Taofiq Isah but he should stop displaying his pitiable ignorance on issues of importance especially when it has to do with peace.

– Posi Botun
A concerned West Kogite.

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