Tade Oshaloto Congratulates President-Elect, Bola Tinubu

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Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu


Federal Republic of Nigeria

Your Excellency

Letter of Congratulations

Like most Nigerians, I rejoiced greatly when our electoral management body INEC pronounced you winner of the keenly contested February 25th 2023 presidential election. The import of your emergence dawned on me afresh during your acceptance speech when you spoke to such sundry issues as the need to ease the cost of higher education for the youths. I also took notice of your promise to have bright Nigerians return home from across the world to build their country. 

Significantly, you also reiterated your plans to prune the enormous and apparently inefficient powers of central government. These positions confirm and indeed justify my messages to my people during the campaigns. 

As a grassroots person who has been privileged by the magnanimity of my boss His Excellency, Dr Yahaya Bello to handle numerous grassroots-inclined positions, your acceptance speech touched me most markedly. I may need to mention here that my principal Dr Yahaya Bello and your good self have a lot in common. Like your good self, GYB has that eagle eye for spotting talents. He also possesses that fatherly patience that allows his ‘children’ to take baby steps as they mature. Many, including my humble self are products of this. Many of us are now enormously equipped even for bigger tasks. 

In particular, like you, my principal is a stickler for decentralization. Among numerous copious indicators is his Kogi Open Governance Accountability Systems KOGAS which essentially takes governance to the grassroots. I recall vividly how Yagba West LGA well-nigh attained a hundred percent reduction in violent crime rate when I served as his Senior Special Assistant on Security Matters in Charge of the LGA in just five months. 

Asiwaju, with your model, it is my firm hope that Kogi, as well as other component units of our federal republic, will be granted their deserved powers to very reasonably preside over their own socio-economic destinies. Sub-nationals, for instance, will be able to operate a policing and crime control systems that understand their peculiarities. 

Your Excellency, Mr President-elect, it also means that the over thirty commercially viable deposits of solid minerals that the Lord God Almighty has put beneath our soil here in Kogi will now transform from burdens to blessings. This we have assured our people that the BAT presidency shall bring about. And to confirm that our messages were well received, Your Excellency may wish to know that we delivered roundly at the polls. 

Aṣiwájú sir, you have travelled the world and you know how it is done. I therefore pray for you the grace to carry out your lofty ideas in Jesus’ name. Amen. 

Congratulations once again, sir.

Tade Oshaloto SMCISM, ANIPR

BSc PAUU Anyigba; M.SC ABU Zaria; MSc ACU, OYO

Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Grassroots Sensitization


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