Synopsis of Hajia Salamatu Baiwa Umar-Eluma

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As you celebrate your birthday, Hajia Baiwa, may God Almighty continue to endow you in all spheres of life.

“Congratulations my Guardian Angel! To God alone be the glory!!!” 25th July, 2017

“I am grateful I shared every moment showing you love when you were alive, and I will continue to do even more so now that you are gone through prayers.” 15th August, 2019

“As a purveyor of peace, I urge everyone to exercise restraint and avoid playing into the hands of those who feed and live on and seek to instigate chaos even at the expense of destruction of lives and properties.” 8th July, 2019

“We love you dearly but since it pleases God to call you home at this time, we are grateful to Him all the same.” 15th August, 2018

“Today, as I stand elected as National Woman Leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), I remember everything that has led me to this moment: my integrity, empathy, humanitarianism, professionalism, tenacity, and perseverance – all of which were cradled by my faith in God at every high and low point in my life.” 27th June, 2018.

“What is happening to the Igala nation? I am in shock! My heart bleeds.” 6th March, 2016

” Iprayed for myself, family, friends, admirers and well wishers. May God grant Us a divinely beautiful New Year! “3rd January, 2020

“May God bless and preserve you to impact your generation, family and the World!” 25th Oct, 2020

“Your memory is still as fresh as ever.” 25th Oct, 2020

“I am grateful to God for being able to use today to celebrate your life that was well-lived, and revel in your ever present love that has translated in your prayers still being answered.” 25th Oct, 2020.

“I will always be grateful to God that you lived a life where you received so much love from your children, that you had the grace to share with others.” 25th Oct, 2020

“I love you mothe! I miss you everyday!
You will always be remembered!” 15th Aug, 2020

“I am so proud of you. I pray that as you’ve entered this new phase, the Favour of almighty Allah will shine on all your endeavours.” 15th Aug, 2020

“May God bless your home!” 23rd July 2020

“May God keep you safe and continue to uphold you in His goodness”

“Iyebenyi! Oma kimanina!Iye-Akunu! Abodiga!!!”
21st June 2020

“May God bless you with long life, sound health, divine protection, prosperity and exceeding grace in the years ahead!” 2nd June, 2020

“I love you dearly my Treasure!”
25th Nov, 2020

“I am a beneficiary of our country secondary school system. A system that blurred prejudices and amplified our strengths and gave hope for the future.” 1st Oct, 2020

“Ya Allah! We are grateful for Your Mercies, Favours, Grace and Divine Protection always. Alhamdulillah!” 13th Jan, 2020

“Words cannot express how grateful I am for the show of love I received on my birthday. From the wonderful surprises, to the prayers and well wishes, it was a blessed day indeed with family and loved ones. I am most grateful to God for giving us all the opportunity to celebrate my day together.” 14th Nov, 2019

“Thank you all for blessing me with your time, prayer, effort and presence. May God bless you immeasurably!” 24th Nov, 2019.

“Many thanks and God bless you all for your unconditional support as usual.” 8th July, 2019.

“Better times await us, and we must not sacrifice our great tomorrow for the selfishness and desperation of a few.” 31st March, 2019

“We must not allow this phase become the questionable cornerstone of our future and a halt in our progress because this is merely an irritation.” 31st March, 2019

“I appeal to everyone, once again, as a lover of humanity to collectively collaborate in maintaining the peaceful and diplomatic coexistence we currently enjoy.”. 31st March, 2019

“The actions and choices we make at this time will set the template for future generations to follow when they are confronted with similar circumstances.” 31st March, 2019

“I urge our numerous supporters and the great people of Igala land to maintain the high moral standard.” 31st March, 2019

“There should be no cause to throw the Igala land into unrest because of the self-serving actions of an insignificant few.” 31st March, 2019

“I have come to accept that the price of Leadership is that you will not be loved by all.” 31st March, 2019

“Those who have deemed it fit to graduate their Hatred, Fear and Envy into disruptive and destructive actions.” 31st March, 2019

“I urge all our supporters and well-wishers not to be goaded by the actions of those who believe otherwise and use every opportunity to try to smear my name and the names of my numerous well-wishers.” 31st March, 2019

“We cannot allow the actions of a few to negativity impact our peace and evolve situations that will harm our land and People.” 31st March, 2019

“Today I was reaffirmed in the belief that with God all things are possible, and are best done in His own time and execution.” 31st March, 2019

“Alhamdulillahi rabbil Alameen. To God be the glory!🙏🙏🙏” 31st March, 2019

“Having the right support system is crucial in all phases of your life.” 22nd Jan, 2019

“Grateful to all my colleagues, supporters, friends and loved ones who stood by me then and stand by me now.” 22nd Jan, 2019

“You are still very young with a great future ahead of you and should avoid uninformed declaration.” 7th Nov, 2021.

– Sule Isa Akagwu Kpaleko writes from
Anyigba – Kogi State.

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