Sule Abdulwakil: Reminiscence on 4 Months of Purposeful Leadership

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Whatever has a beginning they say has an end, however, what we do pray for is personal fulfilment and happy ending and mindset of a positive conscience.

Hon Sule Abdulwakil to many is my boss and probably a political leader but I must tell you he is a friend, brother and close confidant.

Destiny, I must say, brought us together. Immediately upon meeting him, I had a personal conviction in his personality and the leadership traits I saw in him.

He is down to earth, humble and passionate about solving all problems brought before him. He never held unto things of luxury and never saw himself more than what he represents and the position he occupies.

Leaders, however, as we all know can’t be 100% perfect and must definitely have their shortcomings and areas of deficit. The ability to build on experience towards perfection makes one a perfect leader.

In Yagba East local government council, he made frantic efforts to ensure he attends to all that comes his way which sometimes brings us at a cross road as I always insist you cannot please everyone.

His fraternity with the party organs and stakeholders remains cordial and he constantly consults the party at all times on all his activities.

One thing that cannot be taken away from Hon Sule Abdulwakil is his high level of humility which many negative minds sees as a weakness due to the kind of sensitive position he occupies. On several occasions, Hon Sule Abdulwakil will be seen on bikes parading the streets of Yagba East not as a political show off but because he grew up on the streets.

Working closely with him gave me a practical insight of what leadership entails and all about and I must say it has never been easy and will never be easy. It’s a rough route which is filled with blendness and potholes which your ability to weather the storm and gather stability will determine your end results.

People are dynamic in nature and definitely takes a lot to satisfy. As a leader, you have a barrage of SMS on your phones and your phone rings practically every now and then but your ability to gather strength and courage will determine how well people will rate you.

Despite some short comings, Hon Sule Abdulwakil built bridges across party lines because leaders can only thrive in a peaceful atmosphere and more over as the then eye of the governor in the LGA, he is for everyone and not for himself or his party alone.

The leadership of the party in the LGA can testify of his all inclusive nature of governance as he consults them constantly on happenings in the state and makes them a front player in the scheme of things.

His relationship might have been frosty and rough with some people but in all he still has regards for humanity and will always say “let us continue to think of the day we shall all pass on”.

Another side of him is that he was a passionate lover of Governor Yahaya Bello and by extension the new direction government as he never hesitates to shower accolades and kudos on the regime that made him.

He is a consistent strategist and great thinker who always saw the positive aspect of live and how else to make positive impacts on the people particularly the less privileged.

Sule Abdulwakil represents a new breed of pragmatic youthful leaders whose Midas touch will still be registered in the hearts of the people.

Those who might have been to his Isanlu residence will testify and tell you its filled with the absence of opulence.

Personally, whatever I did to support him wasn’t for personal gains as those who knows me very well knows I always stand firmly by whatever I choose to believe in and will go any length to ensure it prosper.

I am a strong passionate believer of a greater Yagba East and will always pursue perfection rather than exhibit traits of sycophancy.

Finally, Sule Abdulwakil is strong willed, consistent and selfless leader who strove so hard to ensure he made a difference.

His quest to lead Yagba East has always been premised on the need to empower the youths and lift them out of poverty while making the society a better place to live.

For everyday he sees the dawn of a new day, he lives it as if it’s the last and perfects his conscience.

Hon Sule Abdulwakil that I know is not a desperate politician because he will always tell you “I got here by destiny and shall leave someday”.

I was shocked to see him in high spirits as his re-designation was announced, he wore no sign of being rattled and he was consistent with his usual lines, “Let’s give glory to God because he is more wiser than us all”.

Hon Abdulwakil Sule is still one hundred percent in the race to lead Yagba East LGA and has since extended an olive branch and congratulated the new council CSO because it was never a competition but a change of responsibility.

Phones has stopped ringing while seas of heads have stopped visiting for requests, a practice associated with public service when one leaves such sensitive position.

It’s a real fantastic experience that builds one into a more tougher personality as you will have to deal with all kinds of characters and contend with forces who never wanted you there.

To all those whom we might have had a very rough electronic altercation, it is never beyond the social media space and nothing personal. I did all I needed to do to project and support who I believed in which is my right.

Once again, I congratulate my dependable boss, friend and confidant on his new appointment and responsibility, while also showing special gratitude to His Excellency Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello, our father and leader of our beloved state, for reposing so much confidence in his person.

I am passionately and gallantly behind you come rain, come sunshine.

Yagba east shall be great!!

– Fanisi Temitope Babatunde writes from Ward 06 Yagba East, Kogi State. 

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