Igala Ownership of Lokoja, Ajaokuta, Koton Karfe Not Contestable

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Ignorance of history is not an excuse for Ebira youths to create unrest in Kogi state over the Federal High Court judgement that confirmed that Igala Kingdom extends to Lokoja, Ajaokuta and Koton Karfe.

Ebira youths need to be reminded that their ancestral father, Itaazi migrated from Idah. Also, the throne of Ohinoyi of Ebira land was established by Ata Igala who crowned the first Ata Ebira that later became Ohinoyi of Ebira land.

This shows that Igala and Ebira were two inseparable groups. Therefore, what we need most now is to reawaken the ancient unity and love between Igala and Ebira instead of organizing a protest.

One will expect Ebira youth bodies to head for the Court of Appeal to reclaim Ajaokuta from Igala if they have superior evidence to do so. No court revert their judgement on the ground of protest, therefore, it is needless to protest.

Ebira youths should equally be reminded that until Appeal or Supreme Court deliver contrary judgement to that of Federal High Court, Ajaokuta, Lokoja and Koton Karfe remain Igala land. Although Igala is not asking anybody to vacate the land but overlord of the land must be determined to set the record straight.

I call on the Ohinoyi of Ebira land, Ebira elders to call their youths to order for the sake of peace and unity in Kogi state.

I also call on Igala youths to remain calm and not to be provoked by the activities of Ebira youths in the state but remain committed to promote peace and unity in the state.

– Prince (Dr) Omale Monday
Chairman/Founder, Igala Nation Builders

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