Social Media and The Current Educational Value in Today’s Society

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We are now in a society where social activities are rewarded and taken with high importance, a society where non academic activities are taken with high value, gone are those days when education was seen to be the Paramount, foundation upon which the society is to be developed.

There is this popular saying that education is the key. The key to success, the key to attain the highest height in life.
But many youths of our dispensation will argue it all out that education is no more the key, in fact, some will say the key is no more available for everybody, but only those who know the way gets the key, this is so alarming and discouraging for those with bigger dreams and aspirations to achieve their goals through education.

If you happen to be an NYSC member, popularly called youth corp, two decades before now, you will agree with me that corp members are treated with respect and are placed with high value in the society but reverse is the order of the day. Where is the position of education in our society?

Companies, banks, and several other associations used to invest heavily in helping the society to build potential human capacity, by giving awards and scholarships based on academic excellence and performance, recruiting young and fresh graduates with good academic records and potentials.

This has helped in stimulating and building effective and efficient technical capabilities into various positions in companies and has helped us as a nation to achieve an economic growth in the past.

We need to ask ourselves, why are many companies folding up, while many are not able to compete favourably both locally and internationally?

This is as a result of wrong or inavailability of appropriate personnel to fit into the right position, which I call putting a square peg into a round hole, ‘it can never work’…! These capacities could have been built and invested upon by many reputable and blue chip companies.

Now a days, companies, Telecommunication industries, banking industries, brewery companies and the likes are ready to invest on music, talent hunt, football, television programs, and many other social activities with millions of naira. Rather than education the foundation of a moral society.

No wonder, Efe the first runner up in Big Brother Niger was awarded with #25m naira with a brown new SUV car and many other consolation prizes, a three months program… while the best graduating medical student in UNN was awarded with just #10,000 naira, what an error?, does this commensurate with the effort and energy put forward by such a student for about five years?, does it encourage other students to work hard?, yet we say education is the key?.

The society now place more value on social activities than they do for education, which serve as a pillar and key to human and economic development, Lesser things are being prioritize at the expense of the most important, this to a great extent doesn’t speak well for a country that seeks development and economic growth. This account for the incessant rise in crime rate and the attitude of prosperity without hardwork among the youth of the present age.

If we must revive our nation from the state of total decay, we must all arise as a society and as a nation and embrace education as the fundamental ground norm, and the bed rock upon which the economy is steered.

It begins with you and I as an individuals, as a society and as a nation.

Let’s all rise and support education and it value to revive education to a state of its utmost importance.

– Shogundo Moses Itopa (AAT, ACA), BSC(in view).

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