Save The Last Dance: A Warning to APC Aspirants and Stakeholders in Mopamuro

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The tsunami that swept the PDP off political prominence in Kogi state actually started from Kogi West, especially Yagba Federal Constituency. Right before us in 2011, the hitherto indomitable PDP lost all three state assembly seats in Yagba federal constituency to oppositions parties. Hon. Bidemi Adeyami of the ACN defeated Hon. Ropo Asala of the PDP in Yagba West, Barrister Henry Ojuola of the ANPP defeated Hon. Kayode Obaro in Yagba East while Commodore  Folusho Daniel of the ANPP emerged winner over Hon. Pedro Obaro of the PDP in Mopamuro.
It was a sweet victory for the people who have shown political maturity and the ability to handle, design thoroughly a sound political course for themselves. It was a heavy blow for the PDP, a party that prides itself as indefatigable having dominated Yagba for the better part of our fledging democracy since 1999.
This may surprise many but many like me noticed a trend in Mopamuro.
The level of political awareness of Mopamuro people can not be overemphasized. Politics they say is a game of number but what we lack in population and number we complement in our ability to navigate political waters with dexterity. Right from the days of Awoniyi/Daniyan to the recent Awoniyi Jnr, Mopamuro has always been the headquarters of Okun politics.
Our politics is complex, the ‘ko sobo mon ni Idanre’ popular saying aptly described us. An average Mopamuro man is a political encyclopedia. He is politically independent, savvy. He will take political decisions intuitively without looking back. It is in us.
What is the relevance of my stories with the topic of my piece? Kindly read on!
I have seen recently the unnecessary vigour and energy being dissipated on each other by aspirants of the APC into various positions. Heavy words, derogatory descriptions, dirty narratives are released on fellow aspirants in order to win the APC tickets. This is strange and dangerous.
The question is straight, if we launch our most potent arsenal on aspirants to win the ticket of the party, how do we do those from other parties at the general elections? Need I remind aspirants and stakeholders that the party ticket as it stands today is not a certificate of return.
Mopamuro from records have shown how politically rebellious our people could be. We have voted against the party at the centre during three out of four Assembly elections. Rt Hon Clarence Olafemi (AD against all odds), Cmdr Daniel (ANPP), Hon Pedro (APC) while a serving Deputy Governor of a ruling PDP supervised and mobilized resources, Mopamuro decided!
All I want is for all stakeholders and aspirants into offices to go about their campaigns with the consciousness of the general election. Who ever emerges will need the full unwavering support of others to win the main election. We can not afford to go with a divided fonts. How we manage the fall outs of the primary elections will play a role in our formidability to face the opposition. They are watching and taking notes waiting to confront us with the weaknesses we put in public domain today. We must qccept the reality that we have heavy weight oppositions in Mopamuro.
We can find love even as we canvassed for our different interests. We shall face the pains and shame of defeat if we fall to a primary fight and become too weak for the main battle ahead.
It was ACSS Amuro, I was in green house in 1991. Our best sprinter for the 100 metres was Shiroma. He was our best chance of winning but other sprinters within the house will not fold their arms and watch him again. He was challenged many times to run and run against others. He won all because he was good. The grand finale came, Shiroma lost! He was too tired fighting to prove his mettle before the main battle, his weaknesses were easily displayed before others.¬† Jobele of yellow house won the final. I don’t know our Shiroma in this case, but I know we shouldn’t do much damage to our chances by deploying heavy artillery at to win a fight at home when the battle lies ahead.
Love can still lead!
– Sesan Oluwi

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