Robbery Pays Better in Kogi Than Lagos –Suspect

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…in Lagos, people don’t keep big money at home, but in Kogi, they keep money at home

A suspect has revealed that armed robbery pays better in Kogi than in Lagos State.

Akinropo Ogunsina, 32 and his native doctor accomplice, Jimoh Akeem, are being interrogated at the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) of the Lagos State Police Command.

“I was working in a Chinese company before I was sacked.  I bought a motorcycle for commercial.

“I also did  black market fuel business. I bought fuel from Ijaw oil pipeline vandals. I paid N2,500 for 50 litres and sold for N3,200.”

He disclosed that when police were raiding the business premises daily, he abandoned it and joined an armed robbery gang.

“I met Sunday David in Agbara area. Then, I used to sleep in a club at Agbara. He said I should be going out with him to tear nets at night and steal people’s phones and monies. We were collecting phones, jewelry, laptops and money.

“I have gone out for operation six times with Sunday.  We operated in Egbeda and Agbara. We went out for operation about 12 midnight. I was arrested in 2013, and charged to court. I was released on bail. I don’t know how much my friends and family spent to get me out of prison.

“I went to Okene in Lokoja area of Kogi State.  One guy, Alhaji, who I used to sell stolen phones, gold and laptops to, directed me to Lokoja. He stays in Agege, Lagos. He directed me to meet one Adeshe and work with him. They operated like those people in Lagos.”

“I spent only one month there and worked for about three times with him. I had a misunderstanding with him over women. He threatened to deal with me, so I came back to Lagos. I have not done any job since I came back to Lagos.

On some of the properties he acquired with robbery money, Akinropo said he bought a Honda car. When he came out of prison for N680,000. It was the little money with my wife, about N90,000 and the job we did in Okene that I put together to buy the car.

“I got over a million Naira from Okene operation.  That is why I said that robbery pays better in Kogi than in Lagos.  In Lagos, people don’t keep big money at home, but in Kogi, they keep money at home. Moreso, in Lagos, police will be chasing you up and down.

“There was a big man we robbed in Okene. The money was so big that I got over a million naira. We were four in number who went for the operation.  I knew Jimoh Akeem in 2010. He disguised as a herbalist.  We were operating together when we were tearing nets.

“We were also deceiving and collecting money from people who came to do medicine for gun protection. He also deceived people that he could change fake dollars for good ones. At-times, he gave me N5,000 after doing the herbalist job and the highest he had given me was N10,000,” he said.

For the self-acclaimed herbalist, Jimoh, 20, he said: “I am married with two children, I have two wives. I once lived in Ikorodu and later in Iwo. I built a house in Iwo. I have two cars, Murano SUV and KIA Altima.

“I stole fake dollars from the man who asked me to change it for him. That was how I started using it. I have gone out for net-tearing-robbery operation with the gang for four times.”

He, however, said that unlike his colleague, he had not gone to prisons before as he was never arrested.

“I got peanuts from the three operations I have gone out with the gang. I got N70,000, N80,000 and N100,000.

Lagos State police spokesman, Kenneth Nwosu, confirmed the arrest of the duo.

He said Akinropo had also been arrested in 2013 for robbery and charged to court, but was released in 2014.

According to him, Akinropo led SARS team to arrest Jimoh in Iwo, Osun State.

He said one locally-made gun was recovered in Jimoh’s house.


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