Rejoinder: Kogi Guber: Odds Favour Gov. Bello

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In a hurriedly and unskillfully crafted article bearing no trace of intelligent submissions by one Obochi Samuel, an earlier known critic of the new direction government who suddenly turned himself to a praise singer, tried to please his pay masters by massaging their ego with some unleveled assertions that we have only five (5) governorship aspirants across the two major political parties in the state and amongst them the odds favors Bello.

What a comedy? Understanding his submission would suggest that every other contender is a pretender. It is therefore not out of place to say that he is not in Kogi State.

Obochi, do you know that Otunba Dino Melaye is in the race? Or you don’t factor him in? Are you unaware of a high ranking retired Army Major General in person of Maj. Gen. Patrick Ademu Akpa? If you are, then your knowledge base is infinitesimally low. Now let me school you through, the APC wouldn’t be gunning for a liability. They would need a man who has paid his dues with his wealth of matured experiences.

You will agree with me that a man who took charge of the security of the entire state in the 2015 election where his party secured the victory your pay masters inherited is fit to be a governor in which case security of lives and properties would be guaranteed. You would equally agree that to have participated in the process of reconciling aggrieved members back into the APC fold, he is a peaceful person and is connected to the traditional party structure. He is indeed a loyal party man his activities within the party extended to his participating in the presidential campaign council in the state to which end victory was reached.

Obochi, tell yourself some truth. APC at this point needs to recover from the mud it has been left in by the very popular anti human acts of the present handlers of the state. To do this, they must go for a man with impeccable records of proven integrity and prudence in management of resources.

Trust you, Maj. Gen. Akpa is neatly sucketed into that personality and this is the name you dare exempt? APC needs somebody with sellable track records of untainted image, without trace or traces of corruption allegations, indictment or even mere accusations that would be needing name cleansing or prolonged explanations.

Looking across board combing through all aspirants across party lines, ranging from your Bello who is sure going low, to the popular Admirable Admiral to the famous or as you put money bag and connected Prof, to the one who lead us into squalor, Wada and those who seek to inherit their father’s traditional stool, to those ones we shall show them the way to their village. Who is it, rate them, generate a score card and tell me whose integrity can match that of Maj. Gen. Patrick Ademu Akpa?

I will advice you to tender your apologies for not mentioning his name amongst the gubernatorial aspirants and for calling a person, who if a critical microscopic filtration is made of all aspirants, we can say stands a more solid chance a pretender.

Every intellectually conscious Kogite should prefer Gen. Akpa. APC as a party needs a strategic game changer. Knowing that in the very fibre of its agenda is the anti corruption crusade, the party would save its name if Maj. Gen. Akpa clinches the party ticket. Campaigns would be easier for them but for almost every other person in the race, the party would need to always explain and defend their past, but not Gen. Akpa.

Obochi, I am sure you now have a surface knowledge of his antecedents and would not make such mistakes again. Now, do not be a pretender, How can the odds favor a failure? How can the odds favor one who paid deaf ears and wore shades against civil servants welfare, turned them beggars and retired pensioners into the most pathetic and miserable living conditions you can ever imagine?

How can the odds favor a man who see’s payment of salaries as a capital and non achievable project? Just how can the odds favor one who has betrayed the trust of Kogites and converted our common patrimony without reservations? Just how?

Your claim of infrastructural development only exist in your state of mind and not Kogi State.

Finally brother, “Bello must go” is a movement. You cannot stop it. They cannot stop it, Kogi state will speak with one voice and her people would be better for it. God bless Kogi State.

– Joseph Ajefu wrote from Lokoja.

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