Reinvigoration of G7 Security Apparatus by FCT Administration; A Step in Right Direction

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The recent directive by the Minister of the Federal Capital administration aimed at reinvigorating the G7 security apparatus is a step in the right direction.

This decision has gone a long way in showing that the Minister is indeed sensitive to the needs and well-being of inhabitants of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

The G7, as it is popularly known, is a network of security agencies collaborating to take the fight to the criminals and terrorists which has infiltrated the city with the sole aim of causing fear and terrorists activities in Abuja and its environs.

Without doubt, this is a welcome development as it would also involved the security apparatuses and intelligentsia of states that are neighbouring the city. The importance of collaborations and partnerships with contiguous states particular on security matters cannot be overemphasized. With terrorism and banditry been witnessed in Abuja and its satellite towns recently due to the influx of terrorist and bandits, the need for this initiative which is a response to the signs of the time by the Minister, Mohammadu Musa Bello must be commended by all.

The initiative is a reinvigorative strategy which requires the partnership and collaboration of the security agencies, critical stakeholders and law abiding citizens to buy-in towards strengthening the security architecture of the territory.

It would be important to note that the FCT administration cannot at this time be carrying the burden of doing this alone and that is why it was pertinent to make recourse to the REINVIGORATION of the G7 security apparatus to take the fight against insecurity to the criminals.

The collaboration becomes important as nation building and security exercise is a collective effort for it to succeed.

In this security apparatus, it is expected that the congenious states bordering the city must act responsibly to change the security narratives for the better by collaborating through partnership with the FCT by taking ownership of the security of lives and properties within the affected states in the collaborative effort.

The G7 REINVIGORATION at this time shows the Minister is really on top of his primary responsibilities which includes and is not limited to security/ The collaborations between the security agencies to nip the rising crime rates and its sophistications has worked before in the past and with the renew vigour at which the Minister is pushing the REINVIGORATION exercise, it is certain they would deliver in their mandates. It is expected that this time around, the police, military and the paramilitary officers from the Federal Capital Territory, would synergise with their peers from the neighbouring state where it is likely those criminals and terrorists hibernate to identify and flush them out.

This assignment is indeed crucial at this time because of recent, Abuja is faced with serious security challenges and threats from criminal elements hell bent on breaching the peace.

We must at this junction commend the honourable Minister of the Territtory, Mallam Muhammed Musa Bello for his active response to those threat with the strategic REINVIGORATION of the G7 security APPARATUS in collaboration with the states bordering the FCT. This is a saving lives together initiative of the Minister, in recognition of the fact that the security challenges been witnessed today is not peculiar to Abuja alone but also by the neighbouring states.

The need therefore for this synergy and cooperation among the security forces of the affected states cannot be overemphasized.

The FCT and its neighbouring states must rise to the challenges of the time by giving all the needed support to the security outfit put together in form of gadgets, funding and proper motivational incentives. This would boost their morale for greater performances.

The objective of the G7 security APPARATUS is to enhance the ability of the security operatives to make informed decisions, manage risks and with togetherness, implement prompt responses to any security threat and continuity of operations.

The successes and effectiveness of this initiative of the Minister is dependent on the commitments of the participating personnel from the different security arms that are now put together to make this exercise a complete success. They must be seen to work together collectively toward the mutual goals of improving and safe guarding the lives and properties of the people.

It is therefore advisable that participating security formations must commit to the adoption and effective implementations of the principles, objectives and arrangements in the framework set up by the minister This framework must involve;

Establish security collaboration arrangements.
Sharing of relevant security informations.
Cooperation on security informations and trainings.
Cooperate on security operational and logistics arrangements where feasible.
Identify resource requirements for enhancing security coordination between the states involved and advocate for funding.
Consult on common ground rules for humanitarian actions.

Finally, it is commendable that this security collaboration to nip crime in the bud called the G7, which is a child of necessity, must also listen to the people and earn their trust because it is the people that will ultimately volunteer information to them to make their assignment successful and meaningful at the end.

– Jamila Musa wrote from Abuja.

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