Rebuttal of Existence of a Facebook Account Purportedly From Chairman Federal Character Commission for Employment

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It has come to the notice of the federal character commission, FC,. that some unscrupulous elements are using the name of the chairman of the commission, Dr Muheeba Dankaka to extort money from the unsuspecting general public via the usage of cloned Facebook, Instagram and Twitter platforms.

The FCC wishes to reiterate that the commission doesn’t demand for any kind of gratifications in the discharge of its duties.

The commission has always placed its verified social media accounts before the general public for usage.

The office of the chairman of the commission can be reached through this authenticated and verified platforms at any time for facts checks and verifications. This was done to foreclose further clonings of the chairman’s Facebook account.

The FCC wants to state that the commission do not give out jobs as it is not its responsibility to do so. The commission is once again constrained to make public its verified and authentic social media platforms to foreclose further scamming of the general public.

Members of the public are enjoined to treat any other account PURPORTEDLY use as that of the chairman as fake, and such further dealings with such a platforms.

The public should be guided and avoid the risk of falling victims of scams.


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