RE: Why There is No Vacancy in Lugard House

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The time is ripe, very ripe. Our political game-changers are in for the final discs – The usual pseudonyms. Few months ago, we saw rapt pundits wielding the impishness of the state government. They were also hired to alter the philosophies of the palpable. Their invective is simple- turning white to black.

They are those who have vended scruples to Bello’s cataclysmic government. They are doomed to realism. Public quandaries have no admissible posture in their dealings. In fact, they are those whose antecedent is riddled with character flaws and amorality. Any sane mind who encounter them always ask; where are these people living? Among humans or the zoo animals? Why do they possess human nature yet don’t act alike?

These are the wits pruning the democratic space we hope to expand. Their treaties are not convoked in reality, but uncompounded mendacities, solely to distract, divert and canvass for evil.

Having read with consternation, the conceited write up by a self-acclaimed ambassador published in few days ago, conjecturing why there is no vacancy in the Lugard house. I became twitchy with this question- who have occupied the Lugard house that there is no vacancy? The people of progressive characters or some kowtowing oblivious despots? If it is the former, I recline. But if ambassador is denoting the latter, then, he is explicitly under an influence, perhaps, consumed in delusion.

As far as Kogi’s political compass is concern, Lugard house is empty. Though the present tenants are some narcissistic money changers, anti-democrats and kleptocrats. Their mission is pillaging the mutual patrimony. Their definition of infrastructural growth is expansion of personal wealth cortege and that of cronies. But the genuine occupiers of the Lugard house are grooming. They are the light shining on the shore. The carrier of the most envisioned Kogi state. Not the current hare-brained, directionless government.

When I stumbled on the write up with a charismatic heading, I was thrilled, hoping the writer will sketch out Yahaya Bello’s achievements that cut across Kogi state. But he settled with APC’s usual norms- ethnic and religious preconception. The governor was also extolled on the altar of falsehood.

Part of the god-damned write up said and I quote; “The innovations that are been brought to bear in governance in Kogi state bear eloquent testimony of a jet-age-team at the helm of affairs in the state”.

Of what necessity is an innovation without impact? Do I need amplified voice to tell this dullard that the jet-age-team which encompasses this government are bunch of toadies and bungling components? Of course no rational Kogite will solicit continuity for such government because they are dominated by young people. Amb. Anthony Ogah know it. I know it. APC Kogi’s e-kids know it. Within the ridge of expectations, Yahaya Bello and co did not rise an inch, and if morality should be at the fore of human dealings, the most indubitable thing for this government is to bury themselves in shame. No clear headed human being in a democratic setting will vote such government for a second term. If the national leaders of APC eventually gives him a return ticket as a way of delivering Kogi state to APC, it would be a perilous verdict against the desolate crowds. Like what happened during the presidential/NASS election, we will be ferociously losing more lives, because I am certain Yahaya Bello cannot win his polling unit in a credible election.

I weep for my dear state because, people like Anthony are everywhere. And everything that motivates them are uncharacteristic. What they are hired for is to ensure that the umpteenth security upheavals in the state is defendable, the best that can happen to Kogi state is when the governor fiddles state allocations, bailout funds, Internally Generated Revenues etc.

Perhaps, when leaders live gaudily while the masses live in penury and wants. Outrageously, they are partaker of the adversity. But that is less significant. The privation can linger. Let the crumbs keep coming. That’s all that matter to them.

The fact that Kogi state government received over N3.463 billion as December allocations which was shared in January yet, civil servants are expectant of miracle over their December pay is not hefty on Anthony Ogah’s conscience.

Where do I start from, and where do I stop? How do we educate these people converging ideas they cannot withstand its repercussions? We need revolution.

The writer was also quoted as saying Yahaya Bello led a formidable team that won all the state assembly seats. The ineptitude is obvious here. But it seems Anthony is not living in Kogi state, moreover, the last time he probably visited home was in the 90s. So, let me concur that GYB actually led a formidable team to deliver the state to his father (president Buhari). But those that actually made up the team are clique of invidious politicians whose agenda is how to strategically position thugs for ballot box snatching.

Anthony said, analysts believe APC’s obliteration is an act of good stewardship. How? Who were those analyst? At what point do they base their analysis? Can you see how ruthless APC Kogi’s e-kids are in their paid job? They seat contentedly in the pit of hell to usher out all manner of lies solely to complicate issues. At worst, the gullible Kogites bears the brunt.

Anthony talked about self-interest. The basis on which the ruling party was formed and have been operating. He said, self-interest is preeminent to the governor, that irrespective of your ethnic and religious background your interest can be indorsed. I will forgive Anthony for this. Why? He is naïve to the ongoing cunnings of the white lion and his second in command.

For indicting the governor as running a anti-elitist government, and positing that Bello runs a Kogi for all and all for Kogi government, Anthony can feel save. You see, government is not about the people you surround yourself with, it is how effective you are in your prime objective. I had expected Anthony to write on these persuasively, but he chose otherwise. But I will not dance to that rhythm.

For now, Anthony, there is vacancy in the Lugard house. The problem is that people like you are perked and tasked for confusion. Nevertheless, in a matter of weeks, we shall be revealing the sensitive atrocities of the current government in Kogi state. We shall be sharing with the world the facts you don’t have, that I have, and those who are sleepless on the amateurishness of this government have. Only then, you will scuffle for survival with your conscience. That is if you still have one living in you.

God Bless Kogi state.

– John Paul
Operation Win Back Kogi State.

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