It’s The Court and Not Social Media; Kogi Central Media Crew Counsels Natasha Akpoti

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The Kogi Central Media Crew noted with dismay the unnecessary noise being made by the defeated Kogi Central Senatorial Candidate of the SDP, Natasha Akpoti over the weeks since she lost woefully in the National Assembly Elections where Alhaji Yakubu Oseni of the APC triumphantly humbled the Steel Lady.

We’ve severally counselled the SDP Senatorial Candidate through various platforms that elections were never won on Social Media and votes were neither commensurate with the number of Facebook comments nor tally with insults. Since the above was not the parameter in winning elections, her defeat in the last Senatorial contest was never a subject of doubt by political pundits who understands how the game is being played. Therefore, the result of the Kogi Central Senatorial contest would naturally be upheld by the Courts.

It’s no longer news that the winner of the Senatorial contest, the Senator elect, Alhaji Yakubu Oseni has received his Certificate of Return from INEC last Thursday alongside his colleagues across the 36 states of the Federation.

It’s a development that refused to go down with Ms Natasha and her supporters as several concocted lies and baseless desperation on who will be issued with Certificate of Return by the INEC were finally put to rest.

With the above in place, the only option left for the rabble rouser is to challenge the popular decision of the people and the legal position of the electoral umpire in Court. As records have it that Ms Natasha Akpoti is not the first loser at the polls who refused to accept the will of the people, it’s of no value making noise around the media but to head straight to the Court for judicial adjudication.

Therefore, the cheap blackmails, vituperations, names calling and several release of disparaging cloned audio and visual clips by Natasha would only entertain some political neophytes and her blind followers who were brainwashed by those face saving acts but would not save her from defeat.

The truth remains; Election Tribunals are neither being held on Social Media nor electronic media outlets, hence, the refusal to dignify such low profiled games but wait at the Court to present evidences that will flush Natasha’s Case down the toilets. It’s the Court and not the the Media; take it or face the bitter truth soonest.

At this juncture, we appeal to Alh. Oseni’s supporters on Social Media platforms to exercise restraint, refrain from attending to callous statements and think of the way forward as the Senator Elect, Alhaji Yakubu Oseni has a mandate of representing the good people of Kogi Central effectively and credibly and of course to consolidate on the achievements of the Governor Bello led New Direction government.

Finally, We urge the general public to be better informed on theĀ  SDP Senatorial Candidate’s antics and pray for the success of the Senator Elect as his antecedents that largely worked for him during the election would be sustained and definitely would bring about the much anticipated genuine representation the good people of Kogi Central have been denied by the previous administrations.


– Abubakar Abdullahi
Kogi Central Media Crew.

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