RE: Nov. 16: Desperate for a Win, Kogi Speaker Hires Toba Ijaya, Other Thugs from Lagos

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Our attention has been drawn to a malicious and satanic news item trending online orchestrated to malign the person and office of the Rt. Honourable Speaker of the Kogi State House of Assembly, Rt Hon Prince Matthew Kolawole authored by one Thompson Adangbawo published in an online blog that is most patronized by the major opposition party in the state just to blackmail and score cheap political points.

We would have not bother to dignify the writer with any response but it has become imperative to keep the unsuspecting reading public abreast of the desperation of the major opposition party to rubbish the good names and reputation Rt Hon Prince Matthew Kolawole has built over the years.

The write up has shown the level of despair of the opposition party which has resulted in the rash and extreme behaviour they now exhibit.
If not, why would a God fearing man like Rt Hon Prince Matthew Kolawole who is known for his meekness and humility be associated with such characters when the author and his sponsors  know it to be a fallacy?

Rt Hon Prince Matthew Kolawole is known to be a true democrat who believes in the popular wishes of the electorate in any election and will not stoop that low to identify himself with persons of questionable characters.

He has contested elections and won on two consecutive  times without any history of violence, intimidation or harassment. 

How the upcoming Governorship Election in the State that has been predicted will be won by the APC considering the growing popularity and acceptability of the party and its candidates, Governor Yahaya Bello and his running mate, Chief Edward David Onoja is going to be different is the right question to ask. 

The fear of defeat by the opposition considering the caliber of the individuals that are decamping across the state to join the winning team on a daily basis appears to be their dilemma.

The writer has not only raised false alarm, he has also displayed his emptiness and lack of professional ethics in journalism, as all issues raised is a cocktail of distortions or suppression of the truth, in order to deceive as the Speaker doesn’t have anything to do with any thug or violent individuals or groups.

It will interest our reading public to know that the Speaker has been out of the state since Saturday immediately after the close of the Flag Off mega rally of our great party APC in Idah; how come the Speaker’s Lodge that is under lock and key would be the one housing strangers.

Though the major opposition party might be helpless looking at the failure starring them at the face, hence the resort to blackmails and character assassination as they may be the major culprits in this circumstances as the name mentioned (Toba Ijaya and his gang) are not known to the Speaker.

The writer also missed it as the said Mr. Niyi, who is the Personal Assistant to the Honourable Speaker, has since returned to Kabba on Thursday 24th October, 2019 for the preparation of our zonal rally that is coming up tomorrow in Kabba.

We are also not unaware of the desperate plans of the opposition to unleash mayhem and cause confusion before, during and after the elections, having known that they have lost the elections as the opinion polls favour the APC.


Femi Olugbemi
Chief Press Secretary to the Honourable Speaker, Kogi State House of Assembly

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