Lokoja LG: Where Tenure Extension is Best Option

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As 2019 is fast approaching and Kogi’s political landscape is changing, thanks to the heat being generated by the resurgence of partisan politics in the build up to the next round of  general elections when a new set of executives and legislators would grace the political scene.
For some people, 2019 is still too far, but for us in Lokoja Local government; however, 2019 is not that far which therefore underscores the imperative for setting the pace of the struggle for determining the political future of the local government. The necessity for doing so is accentuated by the glaring desperation by some dreamers to hijack power and by so doing, halt the march to glory and prosperity which the administrator, Hon. Shiru Lawal is resolved to fast track.
As a full blooded son of the soil, who is still studying, has spent the better part of my stay in Lokoja and has therefore witnessed the rise and fall of Lokoja under successive administrations. Shiru assumed the mantle of leadership fully prepared to give the local government the leadership it deserves. And this exactly what is he has been doing since his ascension to office.
For those who know him, however, Shiru has been an administrator par excellence, a stickler for due process and an apostle of change from the reckless manner Lokoja local government was misruled in the not too distant past.
Shiru’s accomplishments in less than three years in office with the execution of various projects, hard work had made great impacts and positive impressions on the people of  Lokoja.
He has however judiciously deployed the little resources available for the Council to complete many abandoned projects and execution of new ones, and at the same time improving the well being of the people especially the downtrodden.
The tenure extension is a blessing in disguise because he has performed brilliantly well in the area of infrastructural development, provision of water facilities; sinking of motorized borehole in communities across the local government areas.
It is also a glaring fact that the administrator is a leader per excellence; his humility, honesty, simplicity and leadership style has endeared him to the heart of the people especially at the grassroots; we are indeed proud of his achievements in all aspects and for his credible leadership.
The administrator has continued to make the welfare of the people his topmost priority by reaching out to the less privileged, widows, women and youth empowerment programmes.
It is, therefore, borne out of conviction for continuity of the progressive and people oriented leadership style of Hon Shiru that prominent indigenes locally resident or in diaspora and other friends of Lokoja local govt floated Project 2019 for Shiru, which sole objective is praying and working for his tenure extension and re-election to continue with the good works he has so far initiated. The groups initiative, is a brain child of private individuals, indigenes and non-indigenes, community groups and politicians alike, is driven by patriotism and is about continuity of the dynamic leadership of the administrator who is strongly bent on engineering a process of reform aimed at achieving a radical transformation of the socio – economic fabric of the local government.
Project Continuity is about the imperative of mobilizing the masses, workers traditional rulers and all social forces that have benefited from the policies and programmes of the All Progressive Congress (APC) administration at the grass root to work toward insuring that the party retains power in the local government, state and the Nation in general by  2019.
The giant strides made under Hon Shiru towards the rehabilitation of infrastructures like schools, healthcare delivery facilities and water supply among others. Indeed, it is a matter of fact that there is no community in Lokoja local government that has a not benefitted from one project or the other initiated by this administration.
Precisely, Shiru’s achievements have been subject of appreciation and recognition in Kogi state. That is why the forces behind  Project 2019 and beyond have dedicated their efforts to ensuring that he secures a second term of office to continue the progressive leadership he is providing to Lokoja local government.
– Abbas Yahaya

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