Re: Looming Bloodbath in Kogi State; PDP Campaign Council Raises Red Alert

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It had reached the analysing desk of Kogi Central Media Crew an entirely malignant misconstrued piece from Kogi State Presidential Campaign Council of PDP undersigned by Usman Austin Okai.

After perusal of the said write-up this team of truth vanguards hereby initiates a decent rejoinder starting with an ancient aged-long axiom in Ebira parlance, that one cannot be tall and short at the same time.

The style adopted by Mr Okai on behalf of the said Campaign Council is like a new bride crying wolf in a polygamist’s matrimony. The opposition is often begging the question in a mischievous attempt to arouse people’s sympathy by outshining one another in playing the role of the new wife.

Mr Okai claimed the council “has uncovered a grand plan of the 12 man killer… to roll out an operation “blood on the mountain” in Kogi State starting from the 23rd of January 2019″.

We, on behalf of the New Direction Government, made bold to challenge the council to approach all the security outfits with their Intel, petition the NSA to act if it is not just an insinuation of their impish mind. Such accusation is very grave and of great concern to his Excellency, Gov Yahaya Bello. The young Governor who has over these years earn himself the accolade of the most security conscious chief executive would not stoop that low in such grand anarchy. Hence we reject this as mere child’s nightmare. No truth in it.

Mr Okai in furtherance of the Council’s horrific blatant lie wrote: “the 2019 elections in Kogi State will trigger a chain of events which will cause an inferno that will consume at least 1,729 lives across the state.”

We hereby make bold again to provoke the intellect of all conscious people to ask Mr Okai how he came about a real figure, and not an estimated figure, over a carnage that has not happen (and in God’s will shall not happen) but in his wild evil fantasy. If the council is not an orchestra of the said carnage how are they certain of the evil date and the exact number of casualties that it will gulf. Anyway we have put to the notice of both National and state security agencies to beware of Okai’s alarming horror film in the making.

This rogue comrade thereafter posited that “over 3,000 assorted automatic weapons have been acquired… raw acid, AK47 rifles, British pump action rifles, night vision googles, IED’s and an unknown quantity of enriched uranium are currently stored. What this means is that a mini factory producing nuclear weapons of mass destruction currently exists on Nigerian soil”.

This is mischief taken too far by Okai on behalf of his Campaign Council. We hereby called on the DSS, NIA and NSA to take up this child’s play as a serious matter for investigation. This Crew is saddened with the cheap ploy involved by the so called Council’s method.

The council also wrote “an execution ceremony held in Okene where in one night, at least 3 members of the opposition were snatched from their beds…”

To put the records straight for intellectual dissection, Enesi Ojo that was killed at Obeiba by unknown gunmen  was a registered member of the ruling party, APC which was set by the SDP to reawakened the seemingly clannish division in the zone. Also, the second victim that was mercilessly beating up was APC ward chairman of Kuroko 11.

The ruling APC government in the state was a product of true democracy willingly voted by the majority of Kogites, therefore will not result in any undemocratic antics to win election.

It is worthy to know that, All Progressive Congress in Kogi state has been growing from strength to strength with political structures fully anchored at the grassroots. All APC candidates in the 2019 elections are currently involve in door-to-door campaign across the state seeking for the people’s support and votes.

This melodramatic coy and heightened schizophrenia of the Council, whereby Mr Okai is playing the lead actor, may be informed by the mammoth crowd that thronged to the stadium during that presidential campaign rally which portend and signaled red alert that the opposition PDP in the state will loose gallantly as he had boasted earlier that stadium would be empty if APC should hold rally in the state.

Though we frowned at the callousness of this calumny in the garb of Intel gathering and accusation, yet we downplay it in its entirety as a manifestation of juvenile wantonness. It is relatively common for teenagers to make false accusations, and reckless seethings apprehension that commonsense cannot comprehend,  typically as an alibi to get out of trouble, no doubt Mr. Okai alleged storyline is like a drunken wrestler that is only impressing the spectators by wrestling with his own shadow.

Kogi Central Media Crew however challenge the Council to provide an evidence of the weapons imported by the state government that were under the custody of his cabinet.

We also use this window to alert all the necessary authorities to beware of the coming anarchy in the manuscript of the council’s intending horror movie.

We beg the council and other political players to refrain from inciting the public towards orgy. The Administration of Gov Bello had put in so much energy to ensure Kogi is safe and peaceful. More than any other regime, the New Direction had harnessed harmony and sustain development in Kogi State.

We thence inferred that all the Council’s claim are but a sandwich of unwholesome fallacy, and beseech the general public to distance and ignore it.

The Administrators of Okehi, Adavi and other New Direction cabinet have had enough of your evil accusations and malignant inciting publications, we, therefore, caution Okai, his paymasters and collaborators to desist from evil machinations as none of their ploy would deter APC from attaining victory in the forthcoming elections.

Finally, we urge the PDP and every other opposition Parties to run an issue based campaigns, refrain from inciting and malignant publications and allow the electorates to speak their minds on the election day without inducement as failure is glaringly staring directly on their faces.


Abubakar Abdulmumin
Kogi Central Media Crew.

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