Re: Letter of Complaints About The Wicked and Criminal Acts of Okehi LGA Administrator

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Truth Of The Matter.

The attention of Kogi Central Media Crew has once again been drawn to mischievous allegation that went viral on social media. It’s for the purpose of clearing those whose minds were in doubts, straightening the records and as well informing the unsuspecting public that we need to respond to the above spurious allegations leveled by the Ihima Welfare Association (IWA) and her minions which she collaborates with to misinform the public.

We would like to use this medium to debunk the entire allegations as contained in the petition written to the Inspector General of Police by the IWA which was cosigned by her stooge Associations in Ihima.

Our response is to urge the IG of Police Office, the relevant concerns being copied and the general public to disregard in its entirety, the spurious allegations as it’s not only unfounded, false and therefore lacks merit, it’s intended to mislead your Office(s) and misinform the unsuspecting public and as well as well aimed at causing chaos between the two (2) sister districts of Ihima and Eika that have longed live in harmony with each other.

It’s noteworthy to inform the concerned authorities and public that Okehi LGA has two (2) districts and the positions of Chairmanship and House of Assembly is being zoned based on the zoning arrangements established by our political leaders for the smooth running of the Local Government. It’s on this note that the energetic and experienced Administrator of Okehi LGA holds sway and it’s neither an aberration nor a misnomer.

Therefore, trying all sorts of tricks to forcefully remove him by some interested and disgruntled politicians and their collaborators in the name of Associations is not only a hoax, but a failed plan that won’t see the light of the day.

After names calling, collaboration with the opposition to fail the ruling All Progressive Party, then comes the failed women protests and now the turn of “must pull him down syndrome”.

Not only were the dancers and drummers, the payers were all exposed as the IWA for sometime through the National President, Mr Joe Anivasa and their minions been a veritable tool in the hands of Ihima Politicians to antagonise the government, torment the existing mutual relationship between Ihima and Eika and specifically, to remove Hon. AbdulRaheem Ohiare from Office and replaced by one of their own.

Unfortunately, those calling for his head were the leading antagonists of the Governor Bello led New Direction Government, the leaders of the Ihima for Senate Agenda and protagonists of the opposition Party that castigates continuously the people’s Governor before, during and after the general elections.

The questions that continue to puzzle our minds were; why should they Scrabble to serve in a government that they so much castigate at the grassroots despite the dividends accrued to their people? Why should they be seeking to hold Office when actually they felt Ihima has become a government of her own? Well, time shall surely tell!

It’s needful also to correct the erroneous impression they wish to implant in the minds of the people about Hon. AbdukRaheem Ohiare using thugs to destabilize Ihima or planning to assassinate the leader of the failed Ihima Women protests.

The accusation is in itself childish and ridiculous as the protest they so much attached importance to was a mere display of nakedness by those who refused to value their womanhood.

The truth, however, is that the Council Administrator had at no time planned to join any issues with the women protesters nor their sponsors after all, the much talked about protest failed to achieve the desired results.

Except for reasons best known to the advocates of the protests, there shouldn’t be any need for any citizen of Okehi LGA to entertain any unfounded fear. We only hope that they won’t orchestrate the attacks themselves in order to score cheap political points.

However, noteworthy to state clearly for the umpteenth time that Hon. Ohiare has no thugs in Ihima but APC loyalists who unlike others stood their ground to support their party.

The thugs, if any, must have been a machination of the various Clans who armed and used them to fight other Clans. This takes us on memory lane as two (2) prominent Clans in Ihima battled for supremacy the last fourteen (14) years when Ihima Sons, Hon. AbdulRaheem Danga (Puffy) was the Executive Chairman of Okehi LGA; His Excellency, Philips Salawu was the Deputy Governor of Kogi State; Hon. AK Salihu was the House of Representatives for Okehi/ Adavi Constituency and Chief MJ Ozovehe held sway as a Special Adviser to Governor Ibrahim Idris on Labour & Productivity. Bitterly fought with loss if lives and destructions not worthy of estimation, the IWA and other Subsidiary Associations were less heard.

As they were now blaming the Council Administrator for their travails, was he the one that armed those thugs and fighters? Was he the one that funded the war? Have the guns used been surrendered to the government? If no, in whose possession were they now? We think, if the IWA and the Security Agencies wants to do us a favour, they should not allow Ihima to sit on a keg of gun powder as those armaments are still in their possession. The Security actually need to do the needful here!

Just to digress further, the book written by HRH Obobanyi of Emani where he referred to his Clan as Ochiga and other five (5) as something else would have torn Ihima apart but for the prompt intervention of the Council Administrator who stopped the book launch and enforced no further mention of it even during festivals; but you still went on to tag Ohiare as evil?

Apart from his peace initiatives in Ihima on several occasions that space won’t permit us to enumerate here, his magnanimity to Ihima sons and daughters would have ordinarily deserved commendation and not crucifixion.

The Okiri masquerade they now tagged as evil was their making as they were the ones that sustained its existence. Her members’ support for APC and its outing in solidarity with the ruling Party should not be misconstrued as even the opposition Parties in Kogi Central have their masquerades during Campaigns and evidences abound to that.

However, the records need be straightened that the outing of Okiri was peaceful and there were no issues whatsoever during and after its outing except now that Joe Anivasa and his cohorts are trying to make mountain out of an ant hill.

At this juncture, we would like to inform the Security Agencies and the general Public that Hon. AbdulRaheem Ohiare has never and is never the person they portrayed him to be in their petition.

Therefore, we urge you all to disregards this petition and other ones in its like as a continuation of the script sponsored by some political jingoists who want to take over power at all costs not minding the consequences on the society.

Finally, the fact remains that Hon. AbdulRaheem Ohiare is the Administrator of Okehi LGA and until otherwise, no individual, group of persons or any gang up would hold any part of Okehi LGA to ransom and for any dubious reasons. He shall continue to ensure that peace, unity and progress becomes the order of the order.


Abdullahi Abubakar
For: Kogi Central Media Crew.

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