RE: Embracing Victor Adoji and Embracing True Development of Kogi East

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I read with passive attention this article written by the newly arrogated DVAA media relations officer, Omachi Isaac Achor, whose contract and paid assignment is still running while holding party membership and leadership in the PDP, in Dekina without reservation.
It is only in Kogi politics and Dekina in particular, that an individual will attach himself to many political parties without wrath or sanction, but out of greed and personal aggrandisement. PDP Dekina local government, and kogi state need to take note.
The likes of this so called youth leader are the protagonist of those planning to remain in PDP, to destroy its political fortune in Kogi East to favour ADC and Dr. Victor Alewo Adoji (DVAA) in February election. But let’s see how practicable and the workability of this wicked and politically motivated decisions. PDP will however not renege to let the electorates know, through political education.
No wonder in politics, it is germane to clinically analyse and observe people to be saddled with party positions and leaderships,unlike the fortune lickers of the status of the aforementioned youth leader.
Kogi East senator has not officially opened up to adjudged performance and legislative assignment to court litigations, as he is conversant with the original intentions of his contender.
Senator Aidoko within the operationality of court cases has delivered on his legislative duties by providing laws and motions that will translate to the progress and development of Kogi East, Kogi state and Nigeria at large.
Development, both in economic, social and infrastructural breakthrough of Kogi East is paramount and premised to all his actions and decisions at the red chamber.
The senator, in 2017, proposed and executed over 30 projects in Kogi East in the area of electricity, health, provision of water through construction of boreholes, employment, empowerment and donations of vehicles to party leaders at the local government levels.
These projects were carried out directly by the contractors engaged by the government, from MDAs in line with the laid down procedures for 2017, and this year’s element will get to the people through projects as soon as funds are made available to the respective agencies.
Kogi East senator will be in a better position to deliver more dividends of democracy to the people of the area through intense legislative frame work that a novice,may tarry to understudy for the whole  legislative term.
Under the PDP platform, a lot of advantages will be attracted to Kogi East in the area of employment of our teemimg youths, vocational, entrepreneurial and skill acquisition outlets and trainings, that will attract multiplier positive effects on the people.
Aidoko is conversant and familiar with the terrain of the legislative framework of the National Assembly,and will do anything humanly possible to translate it to bumper development and advancement of the area.
Let us not be deceived or cajoled into bringing any body on board that will work with the enemies of PDP under the pretext of messiah of the Igala/Bassa land, as their pastoral movement from one political party to the other is a pointer to a premeditated decision to shortchange the people of the area.
In Aidoko and PDP, we are hoping to take people and more development to greater heights and pedestal of good leadership in Kogi East.
– Abubakar Yusuf writes from Abuja.

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