Ramadhan: Prince Kolawole Urges Muslims to Fast and Pray for Personal Development

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As Muslims begins to observe the sacredness in the Holy Month of Ramadan with fasting and praying, the Majority Leader of the Kogi State House of Assembly, Prince Mathew Kolawole urged Muslims to observe the entire sacredness towards personal development working towards collective nation development.

Kolawole, who represents Kabba-Bunu in the State Assembly, implores all Muslims to set aside this 29-30 days as a way of moving closer to God. He made this known in press statement signed by hi Special Assistant on New Media, Abel Julius.

“According to Sura Al-Baqara in Qur’an Chapter 2 verse 183 that fasting is prescribed for you, that you may become pious. Piousness is very important towards personal development. When we all have better personal attitude, our journey to national development will be a lot easier.
“I therefore urge all Muslims to set aside these 29-30 days for a closer journey with God. The blessings of Ramadan will abide with us, Insha Allah, Ameen”, he said.

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